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The Easiest Way To Introduce Yourself To people Nearby In Real Life

  • Exchange & save each other's  contact info in seconds

  • Make's your first impression memorable

  • Saves money on stack of business cards

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • iPhone and Android compatible

What Makes Blue Smart Card® So Special?

Share Your Contacts and Socials With Others Instantly

Tap your Custom Blue Smart Card on someone’s smartphone and they’ll instantly be able to accept your details into their contacts.

Besides standard contact details, you can share all social app pages and websites. Work and social – you get to choose.

Easily Share Your Information

Choose what contact and social info you would like to share when you meet someone new

  • Update info in real time

  • Profile picture

  • Social media profiles

  • Music playlist
  • Pay with Venmo
  • External links and more...

Integrate with over 2,000+ apps

Automate your interactions to work directly with your CRM to make the most out of your social opportunities. Download your interactions and integrate in apps like Gmail, SalesForce, Hubspot and thousands more!

The most powerful business card 

- no app required

Other people do not need an app to receive your contact information. Working on both iOS and Android, paper business cards can't compare to the Blue Smart Card. Access many features like insights, interactions, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my Blue Smart Card?

Download the Blue Social App from the App Store or Google Play. When opening it for the first time, Blue Social App will get you to activate a Blue Smart device (card or button). This involves scanning the smart device against the NFC reader on your smartphone and following onscreen instructions. After this, you’ll be able to manage your profile in the app and have it synchronize with your Blue smart device automatically.
Where is the NFC Reader on my smartphone?
For iPhones, you’ll find the NFC Reader at the top middle of your phone. We recommend placing your Blue smart device in the middle or bottom half of your phone when activating your device.

For Android smartphones, you’ll find the NFC Reader at the centre of your phone. We recommend placing your Blue smart device at the top or bottom half of your phone when activating your device.
Does the other person need a blue smart card or app to receive my info? 
No! The other person does not need a Blue smart card or app to receive your Blue profile. That's the beauty of Blue Social ⚡️
How long will it take to receive my blue smart once purchased?

Shipping time within the USA is typically 3-5 business days. We are currently experiencing delays due to COVID-19 so shipping might take up to 2 weeks. We thank you for your patience.

Shipping time outside of the USA is typically 7-21 business days.