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Meeting people doesn’t have to be hard. Discover people in proximity and break the ice using Bluetooth® Low Energy.

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Find Your Way When Two Users Agree To Be Social

Use Blue Social’s patent-pending WayFinding to find your way to your new friend whether it’s on campus, at a music festival or at a business conference.

Two way opt-in required

Privacy & safety comes first


When Users Come Within 6 feet it triggers the POI℠ Protocol

Our patented technology will verify when two users are being social in real life and measures duration. This will help prevent users from gaming the system.

proprietary breakthrough Technology

Works Offline

Blue Social Popular Features

Hot Features That Blow Your Mind


Business Card Scanner

Scan paper business cards and save to your interactions. No need to fill shoe boxes up with paper cards


Keep Track of Interactions

Keep track of all your interactions with Blue Social. Remember when and where you met


QR Code Sharing

Built-in QR Code for your profile that you can add to Wallet or as a Widget on your phone.


Insights & Analytics

Measure how many interactions and link clicks you have on your profile.

Blue Pro

Keep Track of Your Interactions and Unlock A Suite of New Features Including CRM Integrations with 3,000+ Apps

Share content across social media

used by 647.7k

Send new leads a personal message

used by 333.8k

Notify my team about my leads

used by 307.2k

  • Blue Smart Card

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    Blue Smart Card
  • Custom Smart Business Card

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    Custom Smart Business Card
  • Blue Smart Button

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    Blue Smart Button


What Our Awesome Customers Say About Blue Social

“Wow… this app has exceeded my expectations! I always thought about this idea when I was at school and finally someone did it. Thanks Blue Social Team!”

Kate Robinson

University California Riverside


What Our Awesome Customers Say About Blue Social

“This is an essential networking tool for anyone who wants to expand their network in an efficient and effective way. It’s also a great tool for making lasting first impressions. People are always impressed with the card when I pull it out!”



What Our Awesome Customers Say About Blue Social

“Blue is so advance and ahead of its time far as technology goes. The idea of being able to meet people all around the world with out actually making physical contact with everything that’s going on in the world is amazing. I recommend that everyone purchase their Blue cards ASAP.”



What Our Awesome Customers Say About Blue Social

“I love this concept!! This idea is revolutionary and there is no doubt it’s ahead of its time! It basically eliminates any awkward moments when meeting people for the first time. Don’t even get me started on the Blue Smart Button… it’s easier for me as it just sticks to my phone so I never not share my information when out.”



What Our Awesome Customer Say About Blue Social

"Love the Blue Social app! As someone with a sales and business background, this is perfect for connecting with prospects and friends on all social platforms in just a few taps. Very clever platform to make it easier to find and connect with people in this fast paces society we have transformed into! 5/5 stars. It doesn’t get more simple than this."



What Our Awesome Customer Say About Blue Social

"I love how Blue is so easy to use! With a simple tap, I can share my information and I never have to buy another business card. The app makes it so easy to update your information and connect with people around you. If you’re thinking about getting Blue, DO IT! It’s the future of interacting! 💃"



What Our Awesome Customer Say About Blue Social

"Ya’ll this app is a game changer!! If you guys want to up your networking game, this is it right here! Not only can you meet the people around you, the blue smart card helps me share all my social medias at once!!"



Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Blue Social?

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Blue Social is a mobile app that introduces you to people in proximity using Bluetooth Low Energy. You can create a Digital Social Card to connect with people you meet in real life and share contact details.

2.How much does the app cost?

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Blue Social is FREE to download on Apple App Store and Google Play.

3.Do other people need the app to share my info?

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No, other people you meet do NOT need the Blue Social app in order for you to share your contact details. There is also a way for them to exchange their contact information with you.

4.How can I upgrade to premium features?

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You can upgrade to Blue Pro to access premium features like unlimited business card scans, multiple profiles and links, and integration with over 3,000+ CRM apps like Google Sheet, Hubspot, SalesForce and more! Only $5/mo.

5.Why was Blue Social started? And by who?

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Blue Social was started as a solution to the silent epidemic that is effecting many young adults - LONELINESS. A technology that paves the way for social interactions to take place in real life. Founded in 2016 by Jose Montero, a first generation Mexican-American along with his father Jose Sr.

Have any questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have to help you get started being social.

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