The Business Card Reinvented.

Tap your Blue Smart Card on a compatible smartphone to instantly share your social networks and more.

The Smartest Business Card in the World.

See real-time data on on clicks and profile views.


Instantly transfer your contact details.


Made of durable transparent plastic.

No App Needed

Tap on compatible smartphones.

NFC Technology

Using Near Field Communication.


Promote your social networks, websites & more.

100,000 Taps

The Blue Smart Card will lasts up to 100k taps.

Paid to Be Social

Affiliate program - 20% monthly/referral.

Create Your Virtual Identity.

Share Everything

  • Profile Picture or Company Logo
  • Contact Details
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Music Playlist
  • Pay with Venmo
  • External Links & Much More

Instantly Transfer Details

All-in-one Solution

  • Update your bio in real time.
  • Share everything with your prospects.
  • Unlimited details & links.
  • Keeps your friends & associates updated with your most current up to date information.

Leave a Lasting Impression

  • Instantly transfer your contact details to compatible Smartphones.
  • No special apps required.
  • No Network or data connection required

Leave a Lasting Impression

Get Rid of Your Tacky, Traditional, Paper-Backed Business Cards and Replace it with the ONLY Card you NEED

This sleek and cool Blue Smart Card is constructed with durable transparent plastic that not only will replace the need to constantly order more business cards every time you run out of them, but it is sure to give your prospects and colleagues a lasting first impression.. every time. Don’t wait. Get your Blue Smart Card now and begin to create beautiful and unique networking experiences for everyone you meet. And the best part is… You only need one!

The Blue Smart Card - Tap against any smartphone and automatically share your contact information.

Embedded with Near Field Communication Technology, the Blue Smart Card will trigger and “Add to Contacts” action when tapped against any smartphone or device. I.E Apple iPhones and Android Galaxy devices. Manufactured with durable transparent plastic, The Blue Smart Card is magic when it comes to making a profound impression.

Configure your Blue Smart Card with any information you desire, including your Contact Information, Social Media Accounts (handles), Websites and Custom Domain Names.

Examples of such items you may configure to your Blue Smart Card include, but are not limited to; email address, phone number, Instagram, Venmo, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, SoundCloud, Spotify, website, Custom Link and more coming soon...

List of compatible smartphones: Click here.

Real time Analytics

Profile Views
Social Media Views
Venmo clicks

Get Your Blue Smart Card

Leave a lasting first impression with everyone you meet. Share all of your information with a simple tap to a compatible smartphone / device.

Blue Smart Card

$29.99/one-time purchase

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  • Manage 1 Smart Card
  • Dashboard
  • Smart Blue Profile
  • Pay or Request with Venmo
  • Get Paid to Be Social
  • Free Shipping