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Building A World Of Friends

Revolutionizing the way we network, socialize and stay connected with one another – we are combining our physical and digital social worlds, encouraging more human interactions to maximize social and business opportunities.

Our Story

Est. 2016

Blue Social's Mission

The easiest way to introduce yourself to people nearby in real life.


We are becoming increasingly disconnected with others in real life


Encourage more in person interactions to form authentic connections with those around us


Bring communities closer together and empower individuals through technology

We don't place enough value on interacting with others in person.

We tend to undervalue in-person interactions, which are important in helping us feel connected and less lonely. A recent study found that 87 percent of millennials admitted to missing out on a conversation with someone nearby because they were distracted by their phone.

And do business cards really help us stay connected to people we meet? Everywhere we go, it seems we can’t operate without business cards. Like they say "your network determines your net worth."

And yet, printing billions of business cards is environmentally harmful, wasteful and unnecessary. Millions of trees are cut down to produce the over 27 million business cards that are printed each day. Yet, 88 percent of cards handed out get thrown away within a week!

A Mobile App and Smart Business Card For The Modern Age.

At Blue, we believe reinventing the name tag is our greatest opportunity to maximize your social opportunity. Using Bluetooth, NFC, and QR Codes, Blue helps introduce you to people nearby in real life.

You simply turn on Blue, slide your phone back in your pocket and as soon as you cross paths with another user in REAL-LIFE, you’ll receive a notification! It’s that easy. The first Ambient Social Network – our vision is to ultimately build a world of friends wherever you may go.

The Blue Smart Card allows you to instantly share your social information with just one tap. And best of all, the other person doesn’t need the Blue app to receive your information and add you to their contacts.

Meet The Team

Jose Montero
Chief Executive Officer

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Jose Montero Sr. 
Chief Operations Officer

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Funded By Investors Worldwide

Blue Social is disrupting the business card market: 10B+ printed each year. This has led to Blue gaining a $1,100,000 Investment from Tim Draper, $600k raised from Family and Friends, and $1,070,000 raised in a successful public crowdfunding campaign on

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