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TAP 'N’ GO With The Blue Smart Button

The world’s smartest button is HERE!
Integrated with Blue’s proprietary technology, you can instantly share social media networks, payment information contact information, and weblinks with a simple tap of our latest wearable. And best of all, the other person doesn’t need the Blue Social app to add you to their contacts!

What are Blue Smart Buttons?

A Blue Smart Button is Powered by Blue’s Auto-Networking™ for a contactless way to network with the community around you. For all the social butterflies out there, our product allows you to share all your social platforms at once. Our Smart Buttons stick to your mobile device making it easy to stay connected to people on-the-go. Easily stay connected everywhere you go while you share your virtual identity.

Leave a lasting impression and make a lasting connection with the latest technology. Our technology makes it easy to share your Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Youtube channel all with ONE EASY TAP!

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Limited Edition Smart Buttons

For every order of the Limited Black Lives Matter Button, we will Donate $5 to the NAACP LDF.


1. Create Your Virtual Identity

Download the Blue Social App, found in both the App Store and Google Play. You will be directed to personalize your profile to include: your photo, name, and social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Tiktok, and so much more that YOU want to share. 

If you see a social network of your preference that is not listed in the app, please contact customer support at

2. One-Time Activation

Using Blue’s technology, you are able to link your entire digital presence to a simple smart device. After creating your profile, you will be directed to activate your SMART device by scanning your button against your NFC reader located on the back of your phone. Easily manage your information, as anytime you choose to edit your profile on the app, it automatically updates your Smart Button in real-time.

3. Just Stick it!

Once it is activated and uploaded with your most recent information, you will be able to peel and Just Stick It to fashionably accessorize your portable items.

4. Connect & Share

You are now ready to share with your virtual identity with the world around you both digitally and physically at a safe distance. You can copy and paste your smart button link to any social platform bios. When networking, simply tap your button onto a smartphone so you can have all your friends on your socials.

Our Powered by Blue Auto-Networking ™ feature allows you to connect with your friends without ever having to physically exchange any of your information! Our technology is as simple as turning on Blue and leaving your phone in your pocket. Our app will automatically exchange profiles with other Blue users up to 150 feet to ensure you are introduced to those around you, while those around you are being introduced to you! Let’s Be Social and discover Who’s here?


Unlimited Taps

The Blue Smart Button will last up to 100,000 taps

User Encryption

Only authorized parties can access your data

Revolutionary Tech

Using Near Field Communication (NFC)

Get Paid to Be Social

Affiliate Program – 15% monthly/referral

Share Everything!

Profile picture
Social media profiles
Payment options
Music playlist
Update info in real time
Contact details
External links and so much more

*No app required

Christen Blue Profile
Christen Blue Profile

Making Friends Easier

Embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) the Smart Product will trigger a link to your personalized profile.

When tapped against a smartphone you can quickly tap “Add to Contacts” and instantly be added to the phone’s contacts. Information you can include, but is not limited to; Instagram, Venmo, Snapchat, Twitter Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Spotify, Apple Music, Website, Custom Link, Email Address, Phone Number, and more coming soon…

Get Real Time Analytics

Keep track of people you’ve met and learn what platforms people prefer to add you on most.

Profile Views
Social Media Views
Phone Clicks

Simply Connecting On-The-Go

Join the Blue Community- Networking Mode

Blue is as simple as sticking on a name tag and forgetting about it!
Using Bluetooth Low-energy to connect to Blue Smart Devices and Beacon Technology, our smart technology is designed to enhance your surrounding environment by merging both your physical and Digital world into one.

Our Blue Social App uses both Auto-Networking™ Technology and Bluetooth Low-Energy instead of GPS so it won’t drain your battery, which is critical for any service you want to leave on all day. Our Proprietary technology is designed to help preserve authentic social interactions in real-time by enhancing your socializing capabilities in real-life. Perfect to socialize everywhere you go!