Activate Your Blue Smart Button

With four simple steps

Create Your Virtual Identity

Download the Blue Social App, found in both the App Store and Google Play. You will be directed to personalize your profile to include: your photo, name, and social networks like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Tiktok, and so much more that YOU want to share. 

If you see a social network of your preference that is not listed in the app, please contact customer support at

One-Time Activation

Using Blue’s technology, you are able to link your entire digital presence to a simple smart device. After creating your profile, you will be directed to activate your SMART device by scanning your button against your NFC reader located on the back of  any NFC compatible Device. Easily manage your information, as anytime you choose to edit your profile on the app, it automatically updates your Smart Button in real-time.

Just Stick It

Once it is activated and uploaded with your most recent information, you will be able to peel and Just Stick It to fashionably accessorize your portable items.


Connect & Share

You are now ready to share with your virtual identity with the world around you both digitally and physically at a safe distance. You can copy and paste your smart button link to any social platform bios. When networking, simply tap your button onto a smartphone so you can have all your friends on your socials.

Our Powered by Blue Auto-Networking ™ feature allows you to connect with your friends without ever having to physically exchange any of your information! Our technology is as simple as turning on Blue and leaving your phone in your pocket. Our app will automatically exchange profiles with other Blue users up to 150 feet to ensure you are introduced to those around you, while those around you are being introduced to you! Let’s Be Social and discover Who’s here?

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