Contactless Networking Made Easy™

A safe and friendly way to connect with people in proximity.

The Only Networking Tool You Need

Blue Introduces you to people in proximity using contactless technologies. A free mobile app for you to use whether you're at a event, conference, school or just hanging out with friends. Blue makes it easier to connect and share contact information with people you meet.

The best part is that you can still connect with people who are not on Blue... yet! 😉

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Turn on Discover Mode

Find and connect with people up to 150 feet away using Bluetooth Low-Energy.

Link Store

Add any platform from our Link Store or add your own. Personalize your profile with contact details, social medias, websites and so much more. 

Break The Ice

Send a direct notification to people in proximity to let them know you would like to meet.

Blue Social Profile

Interactions & Insights

Keep track of your interactions and get profile analytics to see how people are engaging with you.

CRM Integration 2,000+ apps

Stop collecting paper business cards. Integrate your interactions into your existing CRM, Gmail, Excel, and much more!

Interact and engage with events nearby

Check-in to events and engage with booths, exhibitions, and food trucks in proximity. 

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The New Way to Network™

Proximity-based introductions

Blue makes it easy to connect with anyone. Break the ice by sending a direct notification to the user nearby letting them know you would like to meet.

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Paper business cards vs Blue Smart Cards

Share Your Profile With Anyone

Using your unique profile QR Code you can connect with people who are not on Blue yet. Allowing them to save your information directly to their contacts so you're not a stranger next time you call.

Blue Pro
Unlock a Suite of New Features

With Blue Pro you can unlock a suite of new features that helps maximize the connections you make.

Turning every interaction into an opportunity by integrating from a selection of 3,000+ apps including Gmail, SalesForce, Excel and more. Blue Pro will help you grow your network with a business profile, analytics, and much more. 


With the Blue Social mobile app, you can activate any Near Field Communication (NFC) tag with your profile. 

Blue Smart Card

A fast, safe and easy way to share your details

Replace your old box of business cards with a Blue Smart Card. It’s a smart business card that shares your profile and details with others instantly. Simply tap it on another person’s smartphone so they can accept your details into their contacts.

Size: 85.5 x 54 MM
Near Field Communication Technology
Hash Key Encrypted – Safe & Secure

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