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Create your own branded smart products!​

Customize Your Smart Card & Button

We partner with some of the top companies to help lower costs and increase brand awareness online. Our designers will design your smart business card and help with mass activation programming for all your employees. Allowing for a seamless connection to continue any client or customer relationship online. Minimum order of 20 Blue Smart Cards required for customization.

Timothy GemarRepublic Investor
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I can see all sorts of applications with this technology! I've been in sales for most of my adult life and I wish I had access to this technology years ago! Blue will be a household name in a short time!
Luis Uscanga-PerezRepublic Investor
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Blue offers the young business community an easier way to communicate with others without having to worry too much on their communication skills. It helps them promote themselves with just the tap of a card to a phone.
The Next Big Thing.
@ ZackeryBWard
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This is overall Amazing. Making Networking such a simple task, Discover others using the App, aswell as allow yourself to be discovered! Use the app and watch the networking magic take place. 5 out of 5. Recommend 100%
AMAZING!!! Strongly Recommend
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This app is hands down the way of the future & is changing the way of social networking forever! This is the app our kids kids will be using to connect with people! Thank you for creating the app we’ve always wanted!

The Smart Button Accessory That Sticks With You

Save costs by going digital! Reward your employees with the latest technology, or simply give our smart technology as a promotional item with your product. Be a trendsetter with your team and get the Blue Smart Button where they can easily share their socials with coworkers to enhance company culture. People you meet everywhere you go, will be able to stay connected with you!

Our Blue Smart Buttons have up to 100,000 taps, leaving a unique and lasting impression. Our bulk purchase options are exactly what your firm needs to have a competitive advantage. Imagine, your firm leading using revolutionary tech.

Customize Your Smart Buttons

Make a POP with your company logo designed on the latest technology! Personalize your Smart button Powered by Blue’s software while using the latest technology in the world. We want to help you lower costs as you increase brand awareness online through a customized avenue. Our designers will design your smart button and help with mass activation programming. Allowing for a seamless connection to continue any fruitful relationship online. Minimum order of 25 Blue Smart Buttons required for customization.

One Time Activation​: Easily activate your Blue Smart Card with our Blue Social App. Anytime you edit your profile on the app, it automatically updates your Blue Smart Card. It’s great for everyone, everywhere, anywhere at any time. Build for the social entrepreneur on the go or even a company recruiter or sales team. Interested in purchasing for your company?

Blue’s software provides seamless user experience and  connectivity to enhance your products. Elevate your brand by using revolutionary technology that will allow you to leave a lasting impression. Easily grow your followers, everywhere you go. 

Let us take care of you! We help with all the logistics of order fulfillment and IT support, leaving all the branding up to you.