Read Our Virtual Blue Smart Card Reviews To Make Informed Decisions

Read Our Virtual Blue Smart Card reviews to make informed decisions. Our new product is worth considering if you’re looking to step up your networking game. Create that WOW moment that you will be remembered for. Others will be amazed not only for its sleek futuristic style but how efficient transferring contacts are with just a tap of their phone. With any new product, you want to do your research and watch or read reviews from other consumers before making any purchasing decisions. Companies use feedback from consumers to develop their products or services further. The opinion of the public is not taken with a grain of salt these days. The opinion of the public can be very persuasive. Let’s look at the example of the trailer release of the 2020 film Sonic the Hedgehog. When viewers saw how Sonic did not look like the video game character, petitions were signed to get editors to change the animation. Needless to say, the filmmakers scrapped the initial animation and reworked the entire film to edit the look of Sonic. This shows how much power the consumer has. So much, that now, companies are hiring influencers to give reviews on their products to get consumers to buy.

Virtual Smart Card Information

What makes our Virtual Blue Smart Card function is the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology chip inside. This allows phones with NFC capabilities to activate the Blue Social Profile onto it and read it. It’s only $34.99 which will save you from hundreds of dollars in the long run from having to reorder traditional paper business cards. It’s also customizable. The best part about our product is that it makes networking a seamless experience, and in a new world of physical distancing, you can still keep your distance. Not all phones are compatible with NFC, so we included ways to still share your profile. Our app includes your profile with the QR code for those who cannot scan it. You can even send your profile as an SMS text message, or if you are an iPhone user, Airdrop is also an option.  No more exchanging paper cards. Our product is sustainable to protect the environment, and it is easily transferable if you are giving this away as a gift. As long as consumers have the app, they can activate their profile. Check out the consumer reviews below.

Where Consumers Use a Virtual Smart Card

Some of our consumers found success using our product at expos, conventions, and other networking events. Some consumers are business owners who supplied their entire team with them to replace their old business cards. Even though the pandemic temporarily halted all social events, users are still able to share their profile online by sharing their QR code. Our product gives consumers the option to still network but remain contactless.

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These YouTube reviews were all from non-paid consumers.

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