Erich Ocean

Chief Technology Officer

Erich and Lauren Ocean are the lead developers of our programming team. They are married and proud parents of three children and worked as independent contractors assisting primarily digital agencies as their ‘in house’ tech team to oversee digital projects for multiple high-end clients. Erich was contracted by Apple to re-architecture their web application, SproutsCore and developed the Ember.js web framework after their disastrous MobileMe Launch in mid-2008.  Erich was also the first developer to apply “statecharts” to modern app development and in-turn Apple asked him to train hundreds of Apple developers both in Cupertino and India. In 2014, the Ocean family founded their own company that provides fast paced tech development services to digital agencies including Nike. With over 15years of experience they have become strongly skilled in IOS/Android/Mac OS X/Linux application development, servers and databases.