Each year Brown University is known to hold its annual hackathon event, this year Blue was selected as one of the few partners to sponsor. Hack@Brown is a two-day event that hosts up to 500 students with a learning experience of a lifetime to experiment, create, and meet people of all backgrounds. Among Blue, there were other sponsors such as Facebook, Bloomberg, Accenture, Google, Dataminr to name a few. As one of the sponsors, we were able to provide complimentary Blue Smart Cards and or buttons to every attendee inside their Swag Bag. We provided the cards as it offered an easy way for students to connect with each other through our proprietary Auto-Networking™ technology in one of the biggest events in their calendar, which allowed them to easily exchange information with a tap. Besides that, we have a mission of investing in the youth given our young roots, therefore we aimed at recruiting web developers to help continue building Blue today!

Brown University Students Give Their Reviews

Throughout the event, the youth’s opinions and feedback were taken seriously given their influence in the next generation’s technology development. In addition, we devote our time by attending such networking events as our CMO, Christen Montero emphasizes the importance of investing in youth as she states “Investing in youth is a crucial goal for Blue Social. We believe in order to have a truly progressive society, our youth needs to be educated and have the necessary resources to flourish.” The students attending stopped by the booth to eagerly ask questions about the Blue Social Card and its functions. Many of them actually delved deep into the app and suggested certain solutions for bugs. Such recommendations were taken into consideration as these were well-versed students who could be potential consumers for the product. 

Students were amazed by the product and were enthusiastic about wanting to be a part of the next big thing seeing the promise in the product. They often asked for internships and job opportunities to which they were referred to our CMO to share their resumes. We were surprised by a staff member at Brown, named Luis who actually had already purchased his Blue Smart Card. This was exciting for not only us, but also Luis as we were both mutually excited to meet each other. Since the event took place in early 2020 and our product was released in late 2019, it came to light that Luis was one of our very first customers. During our conversation with him, he explained one of the reasons he was quick to adopt this technology was that as a business owner, he saw the struggle in carrying paper business cards, but also saw the opportunity in which he would be able to connect with others through our app. Luis said that “The Blue Smart Card is a great conversation-starter made to impress” after having used it everywhere he went. Just like Luis, students saw the potential in the Blue Smart Card as many shared that “Blue replaces all business cards, that’s so cool!” They were all amazed by the technology of the card and app in which our team was able to inform them about the rather new and more efficient version of Bluetooth. This new technology evolved as an update for the Bluetooth technology called Bluetooth Low Energy. 

Above all, they were in awe about the effective use of Near Field Communication (NFC) that came with this smart technology, and students shared a common need and loved the technology that facilitated the act of sharing social profiles to people nearby and gave a summary through their personal expression of “Wow, all your social media platforms in one place.” Hackathon attendees described connecting with others through the Blue Smart Card as “that was pretty fun & fast.” Students were surprised to have received such cool technology for free as this was a product that they knew added value to their lives not only as college students but students who would soon need a job, or simply to connect with a classmate. We were amazed by the excitement received as the feelings of joy and relief harbored in the room knowing that a product like the Blue Smart Card existed was unreal. You could see the exhilarating ambiance as students all over the venue were sharing their Blue Smart Card with their friends who had not seen it yet. At the end of the event, we were able to exchange socials with many students to stay connected on both LinkedIn and Instagram. We were overall thrilled to see how easily adaptable our product was to students. It was definitely a great opportunity to see the in-person reaction of the effective use of NFC and BLE technology to share socials with our Auto- Networking™ feature. This was great for students like them as they were able to maximize their social opportunity by meeting future partners, classmates, and or mentors. 

Join Brown University and Be Powered by Blue

Just like the students at the Brown University hackathon event, we at Blue had a blast learning about their personal experiences with our product. If your next event wants to be powered by Blue, please reach out to partners@blue.social we would love to partner with you as we enjoy these events as much as you do. A Blue powered event includes the opportunity of a lifetime as it is made full of connections from the complimentary cards offered. Your event is bound to have people talking and engaged with one another as the Blue Smart Card paired with our proprietary Auto-Networking™ technology becomes the dynamic duo to a social environment full of the start to many lasting partners and friendships. Support us on this journey by partnering with us while we offer the product of the next generation with the most innovative cutting-edge technology that will not only make a positive impact at your next event but all around the world. It’s time to Build a World of Friends™ at all of your events as we maximize social opportunity while leaving more time for in-person interactions. Get Powered by Blue today!