Best Way to Utilize Social Networking

Best Way to Utilize Social Networking

Social Networking has never been easier with Blue, but since we are relatively new tech, we wanted to share some of the intercommunicating styles and best practices that you can implement when connecting with others. Like many new trends involving technology such as networks, there will likely be an adoption curve until a majority of the population becomes aware of the tech and ultimately come to embrace it. With some of the earliest adopters being able to reap tremendous benefits by providing value to others in the form of knowledge and information.

The thing is, we all know how platforms have evolved to improve our lives when it comes to building our online virtual identities and personal brands, but what happens when you take that principle of a platform and use technology to bring it into the real world? Well, that technology is low-energy Bluetooth and NFC or near field communication tech, and that platform is Blue.

Combining all of these elements is what makes the Blue platform unique as a marketing tool for your company, brand, or if you are just looking to connect with the world around you. For those unfamiliar with Blue, what we do is gather all of your contact information and media in one place and store it in a Blue profile that you can then transfer to others with a tap of our Blue Smart Cards to almost any smart device. The receiver then gets a notification that prompts them to add your profile to their contact list, all without them having to download an app.

We recently launched our Blue Smart Cards back in August of 2019, and even though we have been around since 2016, some of the main technologies that power the Blue platform have their origins 20 or 30 years ago but are now making a comeback due to their respective roles in what will be an “internet of things” future. This revolution which we are already on the verge of will be made possible with the release and widespread use of 5g telecommunications, and characterized by smart devices, smart cars, and entire smart cities being able to communicate with each other to make life more efficient in many respects. NFC is already being used by major tech players like in Samsung and Apple Pay, where users can make payments with a tap, and without ever having to reach into their wallet. With these technologies gaining traction, we at Blue find ourselves in a position to be able to facilitate these societal changes and provide opportunities for many who can see the vision and want to capitalize on it.

Social Networking Styles with Compatibility

Smartphone companies like Apple, however, were a little late to include NFC tech in their devices and as a result, intercommunicating styles with compatibility focus on tech like our smart cards and line of smart wearables that are designed to work specifically with the NFC found in devices like iPhone XR+ and most Androids, they simply have to enable their NFC feature in settings. You can see Blue’s compatibility list, but if you don’t see your device that’s okay! You can still connect using some of the methods provided on the Blue app, and you can also check out some of the best practices below.

NFC Settings For iPhones

Go to settings> More. Tap on the NFC switch to activate.

NFC Settings For Androids

Go to settings, select “connected devices” and then “connected preferences” and you should see “NFC” and “Android Beam” options. Turn them both on.

Blue Smart Card

The Blue Smart Card takes its inspiration from the name tag because this tool is universally known to help break the ice and engage in conversation, which is exactly what we set out to do with Blue when we started out in 2016. The name of the platform however comes from our proprietary Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect with people nearby, not miles away. The Blue Smart Card essentially reinvents the business card for a modern age since many people don’t own businesses, but almost everyone today has a virtual identity. Face it, paper business cards more often than not get thrown away, and many are unlikely to take the time to input all of your info manually AND add, like, or follow all of your handles. By gathering all of your handles in one profile that is transferred to smart devices instantly with a tap, not only is the hassle of connecting online eliminated, but more time for genuine face-to-face and authentic conversation is left instead. It is this element of true human connection that is entirely impossible to have online and on platforms. That is why Blue is the next level business tool because it is the first system being built by real and authentic human interactions.

Blue Smart Wearables

Our line of Blue Smart wearables is the perfect way to help you connect on the go with our line including Blue Smart Rings, Blue Smart Buttons, Blue Smart pins, Blue Smart Wristbands, and even Blue Pet Tags for your furry loved ones and all their handles! These allow for less formality when connecting while also adding utility to everyday items that you wear every day. Additionally, it is this unexpected caveat of the smart wearables that make them truly stand out, as many people won’t expect the “trick” that is made possible by the NFC tech, and this will make people remember you.

Blue Realty Stands

Blue Realty Stands are designed for optimum convenience and media exposure when it comes to showcasing what any property has to offer. The Stands are powered by Blue and work in the same way as any other compatible intercommunicating style. Guests are prompted at the door to tap the Blue Realty Stands with their smart devices, which will instantly pull up your websites, videos, and useful information about the house. They can then save the info as a contact and can view all of these qualities at their convenience so they can make the most informed decision when buying or selling their homes.

Social Networking Styles without Compatibility

Intercommunicating styles without compatibility focus on how Blue can help you connect in the event the receiver of your contact information does not have a compatible device, but you may even find these methods to be preferable to you.

QR Codes and Marketing

Our QR codes are a great way to market and still add technology to the interaction even without NFC compatibility. QR codes work with smartphone cameras, so if you want to share your Blue profile simply go on the app and view your profile. At the top right corner of your profile, you should find your QR code, and you can select the image to enhance it. Show this image to whoever you would like to share your profile with, and they can scan it with their smartphone cameras, bringing up your profile as a notification in the same way as the Blue Smart Card would. The great thing about the QR codes is that they can also be printed and utilized in a variety of ways. They can go one flyer, used at kiosks and event stands, or even as a screensaver on your phone so you can connect on the fly.

Via Text Message Or Airdrop, And Other Means

A few more ways to connect can be found at the top left corner of your Blue profile,  which includes airdrop, text message, and other means like email or shares your profile through individual systems. By selecting the “share” icon at the top left corner of the page, you should be able to see the variety of options to share your profile available to you. Simply select your preferred method and you’re set!

Social Network Best Practices

New technology if not used correctly, can sometimes be frustrating, and we get that. While our technology is designed to be user friendly, we offer programs such as our affiliate marketing campaign and Blue Market Network to not only help others with their tech support issues, but to also provide opportunities for some to benefit from sharing the platform, and help spread the word to new demographics.

Affiliate Program

The Blue affiliate program is one of a kind because it is the only way that you can get paid to connect! Whether you’re in sales or recruiting, or maybe just want to start benefiting from opportunities that happen organically every day. Simply sign up at with your PayPal email, and this website will allow you to track your earnings, progress, and give you access to your affiliate link that you can share with others and even link to your Blue Smart Card and other Blue products. Signing up with your Paypal link will make it so that you get paid instantly on a biweekly basis. For each Blue Smart product that is purchased through your website, you will receive a 15% commission, with some of our top payouts being more than $1000.00 for just one pay cycle! The vehicle that drives our affiliate program is simply word of mouth advertising, which is becoming increasingly more powerful with the virality of the internet and influencer marketing.

Social Media Analytics

Analytics are provided by Blue that you check any time on the app or online at These analytics when combined with certain strategies such as the affiliate program or when using marketing tools involving the Blue Smart Card or QR codes can give you greater insight about what is working when it comes to how you are engaging your audience. Companies pay top dollar just for data and this data can be used to truly maximize your real life opportunities.

Blue Market Network

The Blue Market is our proximity-marketing strategy that will allow companies to market like never before using Blue Beacons. These beacons will utilize our proprietary Bluetooth tech to market to consumers as they pass by certain markets that will then offer them subscriptions, discounts, and other incentives to shop in the form of notifications. This will be a game-changer not just for Blue, but for business and consumers alike. While Blue beacons are not available just yet, they will become perhaps the best way in which you can fully take advantage of Blue for events, shows, entertainment, and much more.

At Blue, we want to be a company that connects the world in new ways and uses tech to not only create a practical means by which people can become more gregarious while putting their devices down to make time for real and true human interaction. Whether you are connecting person to person through a Blue Smart Card, business to person via the Blue Market, or engaging a crowd via our QR codes, by making connecting more seamless, the end result we strive for is always more connection in real life. 

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