What are the Top Social Media Sites? We Reveal them Below

What are the top social media sites? Online platforms have grown to be a huge part of our daily lives. As smartphone use continues to increase, it is only bound for us as humans to extend our phone usage as more platforms are created on the go. Even if we consider our human nature, as human beings we are meant to stay connected. Therefore, it is only with time that we will continue to increase our time on these platforms, a place where we not only allow ourselves to be a part of the digital world but also establish our personal brand. Often, such platforms have become our main form of contact and communication when interacting. However, as we scale to look for alternatives to networking every time we step out, it is key to identify the top online platforms that have shaped the world today and will continue tomorrow. This is where Blue comes in as despite not being its own networking platform, it plays a major role as its foundational goal comes from encouraging people to be social. With its BLE and NFC technology, our app is a platform where you can merge both your digital and physical worlds. Through this, taking that networking to real-life while being able to exchange information with the ease of a simple tap from our Blue Smart Card or multiple ways our app like a QR code, Airdrop, and even a simple text message. This is how we are introducing The New Way to Network™ as we push towards a more authentically connected world where people take their interactions past their screen and into real-life.

As of today, there are many online platforms that have been created, however, there are only a few that have become household names. With that being said, because of the interconnected world we live in, maintaining a virtual profile has become key to navigate our public lives, as we open dimensions to new digital opportunities. 


Although not the first online network, Facebook has proven to make its historical mark by creating a successful space with over 2.45 billion active users. Facebook’s intended purpose has been to provide the people with the tools to empower the community by aiming to connect people with anyone around the world through writing posts. Its ability to provide not only visibility for both your personal and business brands, but also to create online communities and large group chats with people has been one of the reasons for its popularity. It has become a platform to engage with users worldwide due to its universal use. 


Instagram launched in 2010 and has since proven to be one of the most successful platforms. With over 1 billion users, this is definitely a platform where your reach and ability to find others is high.  Although its main focus is showing high-resolution pictures, they later extended to offering an added feature which included stories. Through this, Instagram has become a very interactive platform in which you can exhibit your daily life. It also allows you to discover other accounts with its explore feature, making it easier to find creative and visually appealing images. If you are interested in following new people, Instagram also suggests accounts for you to follow based on your existing followers.


Twitter is known to be the opposite of Instagram by the way in which it is based on words rather than pictures. It has 330 million users and has gained popularity due to its limit on character per tweet to reduce noise in the twitter world. It is most likely for a tweet to go viral rather than a post on Instagram or Facebook. Another feature you can take advantage of the trending feature as it allows you to see the analytics of trending topics in which you can check out the latest news according to topics you are interested in or topics recommended to you by twitter. Since Twitter is a word-based platform, its abilities to spread information like wildfire are insane and one of the many reasons it has become the people’s choice for their news. 


Originally founded in 2002, LinkedIn has become a useful platform for anyone looking to build their professional digital presence with over 575 million users who are college students, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, recruiters, and many more. LinkedIn has become a site solely for professionals. Although it is not an entertainment or shopping platform, it provides learning resources that help better educate the professional world of your business. If you are looking for a job, LinkedIn will be your best friend.


YouTube is a video-based platform that has over 2 billion users in which people share information via video for either entertainment or learning resources. You can take advantage of this to help better build your story on all avenues, but even just watch your favorite vloggers, artists, educators, and much more. Youtube is its own personal hub of information, however, this is the place for people who are rather more visual than reading.

Our app enters the conversation at this point, as we recognize that we are a platform on its own, however, we are not here to compete with the rest of the online platforms, we are here to offer an alternative solution to a common problem many people encounter in the act of networking. Our app, a top social media site, allows you to link all your virtual profiles which include popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Spotify, personal websites, contact information, and much more! The Blue profile serves as a compilation of all your information so it is not only all easily stored in one place, but also, easily shareable as the other person does not need to have the app to get your information. You can share your information with our Blue Smart Card if you prefer a more tangible version of a networking tool, or on our App, we provide you with a personalized QR code, the ability to share it through Airdrop and or SMS. We aim to be recognized as the best digital platform, given our app software technology that has allowed for us to compact all our platforms into one solution, so you can skip the awkward encounter of spelling out your usernames. 

Not only can you share your information with simple technology, but you can also discover people around you in real-life through our proprietary Auto-Networking™ technology. Our app paired with the Blue Smart Card becomes the dynamic duo that is here to solve all your needs with simplicity and cutting edge technology. By revolutionizing the online networking industry, we have provided a new way to network – reinventing the name tag that can easily introduce you to the world. Join us as we move into a forward-thinking way of life as we aim to increase our real-life interactions while maximizing opportunities everywhere we go as our personal online sites are still key to keep in touch.

What are your favorite social media sites? Let us know down below!

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