The Social Media Platforms Guide

See how we can level up your networking game using the ‌social‌ ‌media platforms guide we have compiled for you‌. We believe that seamlessly connecting is a step forward in the right direction when it comes to the advancement of what we know of as a network.

Taking that notion into another dimension is Blue. This is because our proprietary auto-networking technology lets people discover those around them, not miles away. That simply means that now your favorite apps got that much better since you can now share them all at once! 

This can definitely step up your networking game and boost your overall online presence by showcasing a more diverse online portfolio with ease. Because there has never been an app with our versatility for sharing them, we have gathered the best tips below to give you the edge when it comes to your networking and marketing strategies below.

What Social Media to Share for Business

You can network on most apps, and typically companies encourage this engagement, but when highlighting a business, you have to be mindful of your audience and demographic respective to your business’s marketing strategy.

Whether you are using a traditional business card or our digital solution, your first impression is always going to make a difference. Most of the top sites can be used for business in one way or another, but for the most part apps such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are safe bets to share because not only are these among the most used sites worldwide, but they have a variety of resources to help narrow your search. For this reason, they are your best bets for networking and sharing info in-person.

People today will almost assume a company has a Facebook page, and this is because Facebook is your virtual identity online in some regards, as evident in the network doubling as both a feed/timeline as well as a sign-in option for a variety of different applications on top of being a website with over two billion users. 

Twitter is also useful because of the degree to which content can go viral on twitter compared to other sites because of Twitter’s trending topics. In a networking setting, it is possible to encounter someone with a huge following that can then leverage that following to help your business or help your tweet or content go viral, assuming you make a great impression. 

If the biggest part of your company’s online marketing strategy is a representative on behalf of your business, however, then LinkedIn is the top handle you want to promote due to its forward nature and networking capabilities. Recruiters and salespeople can also benefit from this strategy. 

Other features that are specific to Blue include the title and bio of your Blue profile, the web link as well as the extra link that can promote your company websites, and the contact info where your business can be reached and located.

What Social Media Platforms to Share for Recreation

Your environment is definitely important as settings that aren’t so formal may not require you to share your LinkedIn for example, and so it is fun to share aspects of your online profile that pertain to who you really are and what interests you as a person. 

Many video-sharing sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Youtube give off a much more personal vibe when you share them with others. In the case that you do want to promote your business or  side hustle, however, you can’t go wrong with these as they all amplify the notion of pictures, (and videos) being worth a thousand words when it comes to telling your brand story. That’s also true for the story of you, and how you are trying to tell that story online and in person. In a fast-paced world, people have to be ready to present who they are at all times, and these companies have grown tremendously over the rise of video-marketing because of the way in which they are designed to maximize brand awareness.

While we can’t help as much in the online department, we can maintain how there is nothing like real, in-person interactions to make a first impression, with technology designed to make that exchange that much more memorable. New apps that have recently joined the Blue platform can also help you reach niche demographics such as Etsy, Yelp, and Twitch. Loneliness in a world “connected like never before” is the problem to which Blue is the solution, and features such as our auto-networking can help you be seen and discover others who also want to be seen while our  “wave” feature even helps you break the ice. 

In this more personal setting, contact info and work-related accounts may not be necessary, and you can even switch between Blue profiles if you want to be ready for any occasion.

The traditional way of exchanging information is simply inefficient as paper business cards and marketing materials are often discarded, which is contrary to the purpose of promoting your business. Additionally, the business has changed dramatically with your online presence telling a much better story than most can conceive when attempting to make a good first impression. One of the top rules of business is to stay on top of your competitors, and you can do just that by going digital with Blue. People today invest so much in their online presence, but that is because there are real benefits to huge internet followings, whether people are making money from paid ads, using their followings to bring awareness to their favorite charities and causes, or creating real careers from online tools and resources, Blue can undoubtedly contribute to furthering success in any of these areas and much more. Part of that comes from knowing how best to utilize the technology so we hope that our social media platforms guide was helpful in maximizing the new way to network.

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