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Do you remember life before social media? With online platforms having only really been around as we know them for roughly 10-15 years; in retrospect, they have transformed not only the way we connect but almost every aspect of our daily lives.

This is because so many of us find ourselves either willfully or for the most part, inadvertently glued to our smart devices, a trend that for better or worse is seemingly the new normal. The value they provide is indeed almost infinite since they serve as a wealth of resources with almost every business today applying this online element to their marketing strategies, big or small. But what are social networks, why have they come to dominate so much of our time and energy, and most importantly, what can we do to go back to prioritizing the human element over technology?

Networking Using Your Socials

Let Blue Introduce you, the first platform that gathers many of your favorite platforms in one place and puts them in a Blue profile that you can share with others around you seamlessly with a tap. ‌Blue‌ does ‌not‌  ‌compete‌ ‌with‌ ‌these‌ ‌companies ‌but‌ ‌instead makes them ‌more‌ ‌easily‌  ‌exchangeable and as a result- networking in a new and more social way.‌ Blue becomes a media platform that these companies can plug into, as well as a variety of other apps with various utilities. Apps are a method by which companies can provide their users with a mobile focus for greater access, and this is not likely to change which means that future technologies and trends can join the Blue platform without a cap.

Social Media Marketing

What’s great about making these kinds of exchanges easier is how impressions can no longer be thrown in the trash through paper products that go to waste. Instead, Blue makes it so that contacts can be added right away, with online platforms becoming what pops out at the receiver of your profile, only they are now more accessible than ever. People spend a lot of time and energy vamping up their traditional business cards, for example, only to see them end up in the trash, perhaps because the receiver did not want to take the time to add you on Facebook, look up your website, and then the rest of your online presence that is usually found scattered on most paper business cards and throughout the web today. After all, people now are much more than just customers for businesses, as they are dynamic with a variety of their hustles which make their expectations for service that much higher. As a result of this fast-paced culture, the speed at which you can share a plethora of information, combined with an app-based focus that can plug you into a network shared by those around you in real life, is what makes Blue a standout even among some of the most well established online platforms.

And it’s only just the beginning, with this new step from virtual and online dimensions into the real world-changing the way we see platforms altogether. This more natural approach to online networks, with an emphasis on real-life interactions, was one of the primary reasons for the founding of Blue, as we saw how even in an ostensibly “more connected” world, it was still evident that loneliness was still a huge problem. Encouraging in-person interactions are not only beneficial to the individual from a mental health perspective, but there is also a wide range of benefits from insights into intercultural communication, to opportunities in career advancement and other doors that can potentially open up to you when utilizing our technology to connect with those around you.

Future of Social Media

Many people today grew up with smart devices and access to the internet and that is a trend that will only continue to rise in the future as the digital revolution helps lift millions out of poverty, along with the proliferation of “smart-capable” things plugging into the “internet of things” and 5g technologies. Take networking into a new dimension as Blue has done is just one of the ways that we will see more integration between ourselves and the automated systems that power our world. That of course, is concerning to some and for good reason. It is this integration that was already at play years ago when we first introduced it to the online portal.

Since then, these companies have ballooned to huge proportions becoming some of the world’s top corporations, spending millions of dollars a year working on ways to make their platforms more addictive to the average consumer. By using technology to encourage behavior that more innately relates to our natural behaviors, we can learn to put down our smart devices so we can make room for true and authentic conversations. These types of human connections provide warmth and life to our mental health and that can not be understated, and you will never have the same level of connection online as you will in the real world, and that is a simple fact that makes a huge difference.

One of the issues with online platforms is the negativity that is often harbored on them, along with anonymity, misinformation, misconstruction, and bias, which all create an online ecosystem that is not always ideal for networking. Blue’s movement of authenticity is part of Blue’s design, as Blue was initially created to solve some of the issues of human connectivity that have ironically come about as a result of a more connected world. Powerful online conglomerates for example have provided invaluable insight into how we connect and interact. However, that has proven to be a double-edged sword for these companies, as studies have shown a dark underside to online sites, revealing a great irony about even the best online platforms and how they leave us feeling a lot lonelier than we think, and in need of real interaction. Streamlining connecting allows us to put our phones down, making more time for real in-person conversation that online sites just can’t provide- the problem of which Blue is the solution, and why we’re the next step in social media.

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