Buying Smart Wearable Tech can be a Great Decision to Make

Buying Smart Wearable Tech can be a Great Decision to Make

If you need smart wearable tech, you’ve come to the right place; not only may the number of these types of devices increase in the next couple years, but the future that Blue envisions will include our very own line of cool new gadgets geared towards helping you connect to others and more, with sleek designs to match.

Remember when Apple dropped its first Apple Watch series and it was everyone’s “Jetsons” version of life imitating art? That feeling that machinery can give us that makes us feel like we’re in the future of our animated childhoods. 

Well we aren’t there just yet, and flying cars may still be lightyears away but, we are making great progress a day at a time. Fashionable mechanization has arrived and isn’t a mere fashion trend that will go out of style, but will instead become a whole new way of providing value and utility by introducing innovation to everyday items.

Benefits of Smart Wearable Technology

There are several benefits to the “internet of things” and Blue works in part by tapping into it using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC or Near Field Communication to connect you with those around you. Our Blue Smart Cards for example essentially reinvent the business card by sharing all of your socials instantly within a tap. These days, people are not just connecting for business sake, but rather are connecting through their online identities to share everything that makes them unique. Using this idea in our devices, we have created a variety of connected garments out of everyday items now equipped with the tech to help you connect like never before. With IoT entering a new phase of commercial use with the help of 5G, these Blue powered “things” will only get better as IoT advances to connect millions of new devices at 10 times the rate that our current telecommunications allow. Below are some ways in which your devices will add value to your everyday lives:


Connected garments are tools that are all about you, but can in turn also help you bring value to others. Blue’s affiliate program for example, is one way that you can introduce people to a new way to make money, where they can get paid to network. The more features and capabilities Blue adopts, such as our Blue proximity-marketing network set to release in the near future, the more value these everyday things will be able to provide you and those you come into contact with.

Collect Data

Real-time analytics such as a number of interactions and profile views can now be tracked from those exchanges that take place in real life, and all you really have to do is sport your favorite device. Data is going to be a huge part of the information age we are already living in, and companies pay huge rates to invest in the information acquired through big data. That idea does not only apply to big companies, but data can also be beneficial for the individual, whether they need help tracking their daily habits, gaining insight into the state of their health, or building a business online and need quantifiable data to maximize results.

Security Measures

NFC is already utilized in Apple and Samsung Pay to facilitate payment transactions. This machinery is embedded in our products to facilitate similar exchanges of data and information between NFC capable devices. It is the nature of NFC however, that makes it safe, since NFC exchanges in this instance are really only a one way street so to speak, in that the data transfer that takes place only transfers the data to the receiver, and is not designed to pick up any information other than the NFC signal from the receiver’s device that allows for the transaction to take place. Your information is also protected by 256 bit-SSL encryption on the Blue network.

Reduces Operations Costs

Especially with the recent Covid-19 outbreak, businesses big and small have turned to NFC to keep their doors open, as NFC allows for contactless payments and interactions. In the case of a Blue ring, button, or wristband, these can not only help you connect hands-free from a distance, but can also reduce paper waste of traditional business cards as well as recurring printing fees. Restaurants for example, can use internet-connected buttons to direct guests to their website and menu, without the need for them to print out new menus, or continuously sanitize them, which in a fast paced and hard hit industry like food service, this is crucial.

Connect to Other Devices

Blue will certainly not be the only company that will participate in the IoT and 5G revolution.The problem here is that some companies that compete to develop IoT devices may design them in a way where they may not be compatible with one another. Blue on the other hand, can help bridge the gap between companies since many will employ apps that can then get on board with the Blue Network and platform rather than take the time and money building their own apps that people don’t want to download.

Applications of Smart Wearable Tech

One of the features of the Blue brand is that Blue is designed to help you connect with the world around you, whether that is person to person, business to person, or person to government services. Bluetooth, IoT, and NFC applications don’t only pertain to connecting, but also have uses for many industries, especially when considering that several industries will be looking to enhance and adapt to new machinery that will be better supported by 5G as 92% of executives from 100 major telecom operators globally, agree that 5g will pave the way for new emerging technologies. In fact, this industry aims to create entirely connected cities, with Blue leading the trend early on, and the potential to employ our devices to enable our entire network to interact with any internet-connected device in their city. This would enable these users to interact with their cities in the following ways:

  • Payment, Ticketing, and Transit
  • Physical Access and Identification
  • In Retail 
  • In Logistics
  • In Healthcare
  • Home automation, Electronics, and Appliances, even cars!

Whether it is connecting you to your car instantly, paying for services and ticketing with a tap, to pulling up life-saving healthcare information and identification when you need it the most, these are just some of the ways that NFC and the “Internet of Things” will grow to provide more options for individuals and cities alike.

The Upward Trajectory of Smart Wearable Technology in Fashion

With world events challenging some of the biggest industries in the world, the estimated 406 billion fashion world in particular has taken action to begin implementing intelligent capabilities in their garments and turning to the 21st century to move the industry forward. It’s interesting to see how some of the most notable fashion brands are gearing towards trends in fabrics and textiles that can now be embedded with machinery, smart wearables, IOT or “internet of things” automation in general to perform all sorts of cool feats like temperature control, health monitoring, and a recent survey by the World Economic Forum. While Blue does not connect its users to the internet, we could become the vehicle by which these devices can connect to other “internet of things” devices.

This shift to internet connected “things” in fashion is in response to many factors, but big data in particular is one way in which the last couple of years have really shed light on consumer habits, with companies and brands acting accordingly. Social media has also had a huge impact on the way that business is done on several fronts, from empowering people to use platforms to launch and manage e-commerce sites with global reach, to influencers who are really just everyday people that are able to dictate social norms or promote brands that then go viral, as well as trends that companies now have to stay on top of to stay relevant. 

In the same way that social media plunged into this new world of virtual marketing, the Blue Market Network will not only provide a new dimension to that same concept by connecting brands to people they come across to in real life, but individuals will now have access to analytics about the shopping experiences of their respective consumers or followers on their platforms. Considering companies are paying billions for this information, there will be many who make the most of the data provided by the Blue Market Network and capitalize on it. With the Blue Market Network, the consumer shopping experience will change forever, as consumers will now receive marketing in the form of subscriptions, discounts, and more, directly to their phones from their favorite retailers.

Our Top 10 Smart Wearables (Coming Soon)
  1. Blue powered Ring
  2. Blue powered Button
  3. Blue powered Pin    
  4. Blue powered Wristband
  5. Blue powered Card
  6. Blue powered Popsocket
  7. Blue powered Phone Case
  8. Blue powered Dog Tag
  9. Blue powered Watch
  10. Blue powered Keychains and Lanyards

Fashion is probably the last thing some might think to update with internet connectivity and applications, but there are real ways in which you can harness that data to serve and benefit you. It is the convenience of having to do little more than wear the device to gain from it, that appeals to so many who are looking to accessorize with multipurpose gadgets.  

Do you think any of these would wow anyone you know? What kinds of capabilities would you like to see incorporated into the Blue platform or fashion in general? With fashion being such an abstract concept, the inclusion of technology into the mix will undoubtedly change our perceptions on the idea of fashion. Would you sport any of our gear? Check out more of our products from the Blue lineup of smart wearable tech and try them out!