An Easy Way to Collect Payment Options

Bundle up during this holiday season with the essential SMARTEST products to offer a contactless experience for your clientele. Easily share your payment options like Venmo, Zelle, Paypal and Cashapp with a simple tap to guarantee you get every customer that steps into your shop. Making it simple to collect payments from any client.

Blue Smart Card Profile
Manage Social Networks
Smart Blue Profile
Unlimited Taps
Easily Add to Contacts
Easily Request with Venmo

Allow Your Clients to Easily Connect to You

Never miss an opportunity to connect with your customers and share your business contact information before they exit your shop.


your business information all at once.


appointments with a simple tap.


your revenues by securing every potential client. 

The Blue SMART Bundle Includes:

Introducing the Best Smart Business Card in the World

The world’s smartest business card integrated with Blue’s proprietary technology, the Blue Smart Card. Instantly share social media networks, contact information, payment information and weblinks with a simple tap of the Blue Smart Card. And best of all, your client doesn’t need the Blue Social app to receive your information and add you to their contacts!

With the option to customize with your business logo to help increase your clientele through your own branded business cards.

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TAP 'N’ PROMOTE With The Blue Smart Button

The Smartest Accessory that Sticks with You, powered by Blue’s technology serves as a quick and easy tap ‘n’ go to offer a seamless payment experience and stay connected with your clientele from start to finish. For all barbers, hairstylists, and nail enthusiasts who are the on go, our product allows you to share all your social platforms at once. Our Smart Buttons stick to your mobile device and or any surface to make it easy to stay connected to clients. 

Blue Smart Card Reviews!

We have tons of reviews available on the Blue Smart throughout multiple platforms from our happy customers. To find additional reviews, search using our hashtag #bluesocial on TikTok, YouTube, Apple App Store and Google Play.  We also have tons of feedback from our newest investors and customers available on

Our SMART Products Make It Easy For You

Share all of your business contact details and get real-time data analytics. Our Blue Smart Products uses NFC technology and does not require a mobile app. Our product is compatible with all NFC compatible Smartphones and works with both Android and IOS. 

Instant Contact

Instantly transfer your contact details

Patented Technology


No App Required

Share with others outside of The Blue Network™

Get Paid to Be Social

Affiliate Program – 15% monthly/referral


Promote your social networks, websites & more

User Encryption

Only authorized parties can access your data

Unlimited Taps

Our Blue SMART Products will last up to 100,000 taps

Revolutionary Tech

Using Near Field Communication (NFC)

Business Logo
Social Media Profiles
Payment Methods
Website Link
Booking Platforms
External Links and So Much More

*No App Required

Share Everything!

Join the Blue Community- Networking Mode

Blue is as simple as sticking on a name tag and forgetting about it! 
Using Bluetooth Low-energy to connect to Blue Smart Devices and Beacon Technology, our smart technology is designed to enhance your surrounding environment by merging both your physical and Digital world into one.

Our Blue Social App uses both Auto-Networking™ Technology and Bluetooth Low-Energy instead of GPS so it won’t drain your battery, which is critical for any service you want to leave on all day. Our Proprietary technology is designed to help preserve authentic social interactions in real-time by enhancing your socializing capabilities in real-life. Perfect to meet potential clients everywhere you go!

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