With the Real Estate Smart Business Card, your possibilities are endless. Increase lead capturing opportunities and remain connected at all times during their housing process using Blue SMART Technologies. It’s great for you to increase clientele while customizing your customer’s experience according to their needs. Increase your commissions and raise revenue for your real-estate company — Go Blue Today!

Innovate Your Real Estate Practices

Digitize Your Open House

Easily set-up your mobile open house experience everywhere you go. Your Client Applications, Home Specs and Agent Contact information accessible all in one place!

Preserve Your Clientele

Manage your clientele by staying connected on-the go. 

Increase Your Leads

Collect and Track leads while you network. With the option to customize your lead gen form to collect the appropriate data to address their housing needs.

Leaving A Lasting Impression On Your Business Prospects

The Blue Smart Card is a reprogrammable virtual business card that makes it easy to stay connected to people you meet on-the-go. Our Smart Card technology is integrated with our proprietary Auto-Networking™ Technology and Blue Social App — available on IOS and Android. Our products have revolutionized the way real estate professionals network by allowing you to easily share information with a simple tap to your Prospect’s phone without needing an app.

Contactless Networking in Real Estate

We help you and other professionals stay connected with potential leads while keeping everyone safe in this environment. A SMART Business Card is just what you need to help you network and innovate in today’s economic environment. 

Capture Company Leads. Our SMART business cards make it easier for individuals to share their information with you. The best part, we have created a seamless experience for all our customers to easily program and manage their information on their card through our Blue Social App.  The Blue Smart Card uses Blue’s Technology with NO APP REQUIRED to scan. NFC Technology is available on all the newest Smartphones!

What if someone has an outdated phone?

Your Blue Profile connected to your Blue SMART Business Card has a QR code in case you meet someone new who doesn’t have Near Field Communication on their phone. Simply tap your custom QR code and have them scan with their regular phone camera.

How it works?

1. Create Your Virtual Identity

Personalize your Blue Smart Card by choosing the information YOU want to share. Include your photo, name, website link, housing applications, links to House Specs, and more.

2. One Time Activation

Simply activate your Real Estate Smart Business Card using Blue’s technology and NFC. Easily manage your information, anytime you edit your profile on the app, it automatically updates your Blue Real Estate Smart Card in real-time.  

3. Share Your Profile

Once you have created your Blue Card Profile; It’s time to share it with all your network. Copy and paste your Virtual Business Card link to any social Platform bios. When networking, simply tap Your Card onto a smartphone so you can have all Your network and clientele on all Your social platforms.

4. Expand Your Network

Blue has created a way for you to network without you ever having to physically exchange any of your information! Our new Auto-Networking™ technology is as simple as turning on Blue and leaving your phone in your pocket. Our app will automatically exchange Blue Cards with other Blue users up to 150 feet to ensure you are introduced to those around you, while those around you are being introduced to you! Let’s Be Social and discover Who’s here?

Replace Traditional Company Business Cards

Save costs, reduce your footprint and go green by going digital! Get the Blue Smart Card for your team of realtors so they can easily share their contact information with potential clients. Prospects can easily stay connected with your firm to view other house listings and easily inquire.

Our re-usable Smart Realtor Cards have up to 100,000 taps, leaving a unique and lasting impression. When an employee leaves a company, simply have them turn in their Blue Smart Card so you can reprogram it to reuse for the next new staff. Add your company logo and control the information on each employee’s business card all while easily collecting new leads and growing your business. We help you with mass activation programming for all your employees.

Our bulk purchase options are exactly what your firm needs to have a competitive advantage. Imagine, your firm leading your city’s Real Estate market using revolutionary tech. 

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