Get Paid to Be Social™

It sounds pretty crazy Get Paid to Be Social™, but why not?

We've combined Cryptocurrency, Web3 and our cutting-edge Bluetooth technology to capture, store and track the value of your in-person interactions - your social currency, and empower you to earn income for being social - for being YOU.

Join the revolution and earn income while taking back control of your private Social Graph. Let Blue connect you using the world's first decentralized "mobile to mobile" Bluetooth social network. A Layer 2 identity protocol that is blockchain agnostic and can be built or operated from different underlying blockchain technologies.

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Pre-Sale 06/28/2022

Price: 1 BST = .00005 ETH (= $0.10 USD)  or 1 ETH = 20,000 BST


Mobile: 951-662-3312


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