Blue Social is the worlds first Socialize-to-Earn platform that uses Self-Sovereign Digital Identities and lets you earn rewards and make money through meeting others [and other simple social actions].

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Welcome to Blue

The New Way to Network® is here!

Blue Social is a Web3 lifestyle app that rewards users for being social in-person.
Users equipped with Blue NFT Identities can earn rewards through
Blue’s Proof-of-Interaction™ Bluetooth Protocol


Blue Social creates an experience for you
at any public social event or gathering


Introducing Blue Social Tokens - the native digital in-app currency of the Blue Social platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. With Blue Social Tokens, users can earn rewards for completing social tasks, challenges, and participating in special events and promotions. But we're taking it a step further with our new Socialize-to-Earn model, where users can earn tokens for in-person interactions with friends, family, and community members.

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The BST token is a utility currency stored in the Blue Wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the unit of value that The Blue Network creates to “self-govern its business model and empower its users to interact with its products, and transact among network participants, while facilitating the distribution and sharing of rewards and benefits to all its stakeholders. Join our token presale today!

  • Jose Montero

  • Christen Montero

  • Jose Montero Sr.

  • Mario Contreras

Backed By Legendary Investor Tim Draper

Jose and his family are focused and driven to make Blue the success they know it will be. Their use of proximity-based technology and NFT digital identities has the potential to revolutionize the way we connect, both online and offline. I like the opportunity and the market as well as the potential viral network effects in this business that is built on contact information. I invested and I am thrilled with their progress.
Tim Draper

Hear From Some of Our Investors

Anthony Williams

Investor, Value-add Investor

I invested because the company is forward thinking, has the right technology, global vision. I am a fan of tech, and I really like where team Blue is going. The platform is not just about a business card and that is exciting.

Jerry Monfiston

Investor, Value-add Investor

I invested in blue because I believe in the vision I myself have had trouble retaining business cards so I believe that in the new era that this product will serve a multitude.

Aaron J.L. Piega

Investor, Value-add Investor

I connect with their vision of creating a future built on true, authentic relationships with those around us, and believe Blue is on its way to redefining “social networking”.

Jason Robinson

Investor, Value-add Investor

Blue is such an innovative concept. This company has outstanding potential to become a worldwide standard. We have done research on their path thus far, and the teams focus looks pretty tunnel.

Aaron Ewert

Investor, Value-add Investor

I invested in blue because it’s time for social media to evolve, it’s time for business to evolve, during this pandemic it’s time for people to feel closer and more social more then ever before.

Timothy Gemar

Investor, Value-add Investor

I can see all sorts of applications with this technology! I’ve been in sales for most of my adult life and I wish I had access to this technology years ago! Blue will be a household name in short time!

Fabian Salinas

Investor, Value-add Investor

Met this dude at a house party years ago and he slowed me how his product worked. I was pretty hyped, followed him on ig, and watched him pursue his goal. Finally get to invest in Blue. This is gonna be HUGE.
Good luck bro - @spuddsy.

Nathan Oxier

Investor, Value-add Investor

I love the idea because I feel unnoticed I am a streamer of the streaming platform Mixer. If Mixer could be added to this I could get more viewership and possibly more follower and partnored with Mixer.

Blue’s Development Roadmap

  • Phase 1: 2019-2020

    • Developed Bluetooth Social Network
    • First movers to integrate NFC Technology
    • Raised $1M from Draper Associates
    • Successful crowdfund from 4,000 investors
  • Phase 3: 2021-2022

    • Bluetooth Proof of Interaction™ Prrotocol
    • Reached 2,000,000 Social Interactions
    • Smart Contract development
    • Integrate ERC-721 (NFT ID) & ERC-20 (BST)
    • Social Gamification & MarketPlace
  • Phase 2: 2020-2021

    • Generated $1,000,000+ in revenue
    • Network of 75,000 users worldwide
    • Reached 50M people digital marketing
    • Survived the Global Pandemic (Covid-19)
    • Developed Bluetooth decentralized contact tracing technology
  • Phase 4: 2023-2024

    • Launch Blue Social Token sale
    • Grow the network 10x with 10,000 DAU
    • Proximity Marketing SaaS Advertising Platform
    • Partner with festivals, events, conferences schools, cities and other social activations