We are Blue.

Building a World Full of Friends

Our Vision

To change the culture in the way we network so that users on social media engage in in-person social behavior after they have been introduced to each other on Blue. Helping to build a world full of friends by amplifying social networking and making it easy for users to form authentic connections with others around them on Blue.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the world a tool that promotes authentic social connections to create lasting relationships in society’s social space. By helping local and global communities to become stronger communities to build a stronger connected world. Prioritizing the needs of our users first to maximize social opportunity for Everyone, Everywhere, Anywhere, Anytime (EEAA).

Our Values

Our values fall into our three pillars of virtue that ensure the company is always bringing to society social benefits and creating unity.


There is only ONE YOU in the whole world. There has never been a you in the past nor will there ever be another you in the future. The value to our users is our 1st priority. We encourage you to express yourself, show your individuality and be proud.Serving the needs of our users is the most effective way to maximize the benefits to all our stakeholders.


To encourage others to build authentic relationships founded on trust and honesty. To embrace individuality and communicate openly. To encourage face to face interaction once Blue has introduced you.

Maximize Social

Every day we meet new people, every day a stranger can become a new friend, every day we make acquaintances but life moves too fast. Sometimes we forget to exchange numbers or in these days social networks. We change our addresses, our emails and even our phone numbers but our social networks remain the same. Why lose out on a opportunity to meet someone new or stay connected when you have Blue? So, let Blue introduce you to the world of friends around you. Embrace your connections and make the most of your future.

Built on passion and ingenuity

In 2012, the idea for Blue was born. Jose Montero, a college student at the time, loved meeting new people and used social media daily to expand his network. One day in class, he and a few classmates exchanged social media accounts but they had multiple social medias and it was very time consuming. He realized there was no easier way to connect with people around him on their existing social medias other than to search and add them on each social network. He also found it hard to believe that someone could be standing right next to him, and he still wouldn’t be able to find them on social media. Jose made note of these problems and knew it was something that needed to change.

In 2015, shortly after leaving his manager roll at LA Fitness, he decided to embark on his journey to create something that would forever change the way we all connect. He began to create Blue with the collaboration of the Ocean and Montero family. We’ve come a long way since the idea for Blue was born. We know you’ll enjoy using Blue to expand your network and stay connected to people around you E.E.A.A.!

The Problem – A problem in most societies is there are too many lonely people in an over-populated world. Studies have shown that one out of 10 people feel lonely. Loneliness among young people is increasing due to technology and the “disconnect” of what’s real. We all have these social networks but how do we truly connect with others using these social networks?

Our Solution – Together, we believe in creating a tool for people to use that encourages authentic connections, individual expression and brings together a unified society in a world full of friends.

The Progress – Blue is working with organizations around the world to help communities become more strongly connected with each other. We are not a world with communities, we are a world of small communities and together we can make a difference. In September 2017, Blue will be introduced on college campuses helping students become more connected than ever through The Blue Network. Are you ready to be social? Let Blue Introduce YouTM

Meet the team

From a team of passionate creators working side-by-side with our partners to deliver engaging digital and physical networking.

Jose Montero

CEO / President

Jose Montero in a native from San Antonio, TX who grew up in Riverside, CA and attended Martin Luther King- Jr. High School. At 17 he began helping his father with B2B marketing at the Montero Consulting Firm. At age 18 he started his first business which he later handed down to one of his younger brothers to begin his journey that lead him to the creation of Blue. He is the visionary and driving force of our team. His passion and persistence has made the creation of Blue possible. Jose has sales and leadership experience in multi-level-marketing with multiple companies including his role as a Personal Sales Training Manager with LA Fitness. LinkedIn

Jose Montero Sr.

CEO / President

Jose Montero Sr. was born in Sonora, Mexico and with his family emigrated to the United States in 1965 and grew up in Southern California. He earned dual-degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT ’82) with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a B.S. in Business Management from Sloan where he studied under Peter Senge –author of Fifth Discipline. He was naturalized in Boston, MA and became a proud citizen of the United States in 1983. That same year at the age of 23 he founded his first company –a vertically integrated multi-state retail products and services company that endured 12 years. He later received his Master’s degree in Management from Peter F. Drucker School of Management at Claremont University. Jose has 33 years of experience across multiple industries working for multiple mid-size and Fortune 100 companies. He is an expert in Change Management, Strategy and Lean Methodologies, Business Performance Optimization, Marketing and Leadership with a passion for transformational change. In 2005, he founded Montero Consulting and Business Coaching where he educates, helps apply, coach and, when needed, implements key functional strategies and business processes that allow entrepreneurs to master the practice of management and successfully grow their businesses. He is a husband and a proud father of four children. LinkedIn

Erich and Lauren Ocean

CEO / President

Erich and Lauren Ocean are the lead developers of our programming team. They are married and proud parents of three children and worked as independent contractors assisting multiple high-end clients. Erich was contracted by Apple to re-architecture their web application, SproutsCore and developed the Ember.js web framework after their disastrous MobileMe Launch in mid-2008.  Erich was also the first developer to apply “statecharts” to modern app development and in-turn Apple asked him to train hundreds of Apple developers both in Cupertino and India. In 2014, the Ocean family founded their own company that provides fast paced tech development services to digital agencies including Nike. With over 15years of experience they have become strongly skilled in IOS/Android/Mac OS X/Linux application development, servers and databases. Lauren’s LinkedIn  Erich’s LinkedIn 

Christen Montero


Christen Montero is a graduate from the Johnston Center at University of Redlands where she received her B.A. in Holistic Study of the Mind, Metaphysics, Marketing and Education. She started her career as a young actor in the entertainment industry. At the age of 18 she left for college and began working as an independent-contractor in Marketing and Account Management while going to school full-time. She has over 10yrs of experience executing a variety of marketing campaigns for companies such as Google, Xbox, Coca-Cola, Citi Bank, Samsung, Maybelline, Lexus, Ciroc (and more) at some of the largest events in California. She has an in-depth understanding of human behavior from a neurological, psychological and philosophical discipline and through her work she has observed consumer behavior in multiple industries. In 2016, she completed her Master’s degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing and Consulting. Prior to graduating she received an offer to be Director of Marketing for a Vodka start-up company where she helped with brand strategy, marketing strategy and was responsible for developing the promotional marketing team. She is currently developing the marketing infrastructure and works closely with her brother Jose Montero to assist with branding, strategy and other marketing operations for Blue. LinkedIn 

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