We Have the Best NFC Technology You Can Imagine

We Have the Best NFC Technology You Can Imagine

If you require NFC technology then check out our products today! It is now 2020, and while it may not seem like it, we are currently experiencing the dawn of a new digital revolution with new automation that is taking us to the next level of societal evolution. This next step can be characterized by new technologies that will have an impact on our daily lives and may even make us question what it means to be human. Of this mechanization that is moving us forward, many industries are in early stages of research and development, but contactless Near Field Communication, although fairly simple, has grown in prevalence due to many exciting projects and developments in the coming years that will allow us to experience these changes unfold in a new way. Blue utilizes this automation as well as Bluetooth to revolutionize the way we connect with the world around us, and we want to highlight how the versatility of it will allow us to take on the characteristics of a company that from humble beginnings could grow to dominate this new digital revolution.

Learn the Technology Behind NFC

You may have already used this short-range wireless connectivity for Apple or Samsung Pay and seen how it can safely and securely transfer payments, but what is Near Field Communication technology? It typically comes in the form of a chip that essentially uses radiofrequency waves to facilitate data transfers and because of the radiofrequency field, it can do so without the need for batteries or other external power sources. This exchange machinery is one of the best options to simplify tasks today. Its uses are multiple and its benefits even more so. Some of them include the ease of making a payment, traveling or ticketing quickly and efficiently, or networking with others instantly with Blue. It stands out for the ease and comfort it provides in communications, which will take new forms in the 21st century. For example, marketing will be changed forever as Blue will begin offering users a fast and personalized experience by advertising discounts or subscriptions to shoppers equipped with Near Field Communication capabilities. Marketing itself is just one of the billion-dollar industries that will be disrupted by this new trend.

More Near Field Communication Tech Information

The reason why it matters is because of its versatility in use, but it is also a very secure wireless data transmission medium. It can be used at a short distance, preventing a third party from interfering in this connection. It also uses security encryptions for a safe data journey. This medium has various functions, among which are mobile payments and a huge step in its adoption curve, although this is something that does not work in all countries. Despite this detail, other countries have already made the Near Field Communication capabilities part of nation-wide initiatives with their usefulness for transport, travel, and ticketing. Short-range wireless connectivity has various uses that are designed to make people’s everyday lives easier.

Uses for NFC Tech

The way that Blue has taken advantage of this pivot into this new digital revolution is in part by using NFC to take something that almost everyone today has- a virtual identity- and taking that concept into the real world to share with others you encounter in real life versus online. We do this by essentially reinventing the business card, like how many traditional business cards display all of your contact info and social handles, Blue instead gathers that information into one solid digital Blue profile that is then configured to a Blue Smart Card with the innovation needed to make connections contactless. But this is just the start for Blue as the Blue Smart Card and app may one day develop further in such a way where both the card and, the app can work as an ID card to help people connect with their “smart things” for ease in the areas of home automation (connecting with smart appliances), for travel and ticketing, in healthcare, as a payment method, and much more, similarly to how Facebook has become like a signature to sign into multiple accounts online. With so much of our information scattered around the expanse of the web, it only makes sense to put it all in one place. When it comes to sharing, The key here is how 5g will dramatically change our experience with the internet, becoming that much faster, accessible, and is capable of connecting millions of more devices with little to no lag. Bluetooth 5.0 has also recently become standardized in most modern smart devices to expand connection capabilities as far as distance and number of devices that can be connected. These will have dramatic effects on our daily lives and the Blue network aims to take advantage of these changes to make your life easier.

Try Our NFC Technologies Today

With its wide array of uses and benefits, there are several ways how you can use this type of telecommunications today.  Many companies are figuring out ways in which they can upgrade their strategies while many of these applications are pretty much waiting for companies to come on board. Blue Social is an app that you can download today that will help you build a world of friends, while our Blue Smart Cards that use contactless Near Field Communication will allow you to instantly connect on multiple platforms with a simple tap, making more time for social interactions. Blue Social also has plans to further utilize our short-range wireless connectivity in combination with our app to include mobile banking, the Blue Market Network which will allow companies to get involved with proximity marketing, as well as a line of smart wearables in line with our vision of an “internet of things” world. We offer a taste of a new virtual reality that will ultimately grow along with the widespread use of NFC technology and other revolutionary innovations such as AI and VR. Join the movement today!