Amazing NFC Device to Use

We have the most amazing NFC device to use on the market because we have created the first social platform that will pay you to be social, with our product as the vehicle that is building our global network. Near Field Communication, is a technology that has been around for some time and is now installed in many of the most modern smart devices all over the world. The tech has become a cornerstone for us here at Blue since we released the Blue Smart Card as a digital alternative to business cards back in August of 2019.

Since then, we have received $400,000 in revenue in our first six months, a 1.1 million dollar investment from billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper, an additional 1.7 million from our public crowdfunding campaign with, and have been featured on credible publications such as Yahoo Business and Forbes. While there are similar digital business cards companies out there, none are quite as forward-thinking as Blue, since we are much more than just a near field communication card, but an entirely new way to network. This is because we aren’t just selling near field communication products but we are also using our app and proprietary auto-networking technology as a base for a network that is already made up of over one million in-person interactions globally, and we’re just getting started!

Devices with NFC

Some of the initial fortune we had with getting our idea off the ground was the more recent adoption of NFC into the smart devices of some of the most notable brands like Apple, who started their installments of the tech as recently as the release of the iPhone XR, with Androids having an overall head start as far as their investment in the promise of a more seamless world with this type of automation. Now, this tech has in many ways become a standard, but the flexibility of having an app-based platform allows us to provide solutions for non-compatible devices in the form of QR codes, Airdrop, and text message as ways to connect. Please see our compatibility list.


Blue Near Field Communication Devices

While Blue’s mission is to use tech for the social benefit of reconnecting people in a disconnected world, there were of course a variety of ideas and directions we’ve taken in making this vision a reality. Our initial efforts in bringing our product into fruition involved solely an app that could connect people through low-energy Bluetooth, but it wasn’t until the introduction of the Blue Smart Card that people were able to relate back to the behavior that they were used to, namely exchanging cards for business. 

The challenge here was that we knew we would face an adoption curve to people familiarizing themselves with the tech as were really at the cusp of what is a cultural change from paper business cards to more seamless digital exchanges. We’re already used to technology making it easier to connect, people today have cell phone numbers, social media, and even  specialized apps to help us connect in a variety of ways such as between languages- all considerably better options for business as paper business cards are simply useless if they get thrown out. 

Comparatively, if you can get even just one person to your social media site for example, then in theory, through the simple effectiveness of a network and internet virality, your business can take off. Advancing that idea a step further is Blue, because while many businesses rely on social media, tv ads, and online marketing services, what Blue offers is a seamless bridge between your online presence and the people that you encounter in person every day. How? Like a business card, you can activate your Blue smart product through the app and leave it in-store without having to worry about maintenance since the tech does not require charging of any kind. Choose which information you would like in your business’s profile whether that is company webpage, location, contact info, Facebook, youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp, and much more. Customers can then save your contact and go like, subscribe, and repost all of your content at a later time- triggering the power of the network effect to build brand awareness.

But we know that smartphones have changed so much of our behavior, and that is why restructuring social behavior by incentivizing in-person connections can help to not only make connections easier but also move away from social media and smartphone addiction by having true social conversations which is an integral human need that simply can not be met online. We also offer a variety of products with additional smart wearables currently in production that are less recognizable tools than a smartphone or digital business card and serve as ice breakers themselves in a sense, because they will be new tools that few have interacted with before, even though they may have already unknowingly used the technology through applications like Samsung or Apple Pay. This will also empower users to be confident in making their first impressions, knowing that they can form a lasting memory in someone else’s mind by exposing them to something new. These tools include:

Blue Smart Sticker: These can be used to upgrade more traditional marketing tools as they are inexpensive and can be placed on flyers, posters, and diagrams for promotions and when relating to an older audience that may have a harder time with technology. 

Blue Smart Button: Meant to be placed on mobile phones as accessories rather than more formal business cards, these buttons are casual and comfortable, allowing you to carry one less thing while still being able to connect with the same “wow” factor. 

Blue Smart Socket (coming soon): Casual and with an added benefit of practicality. We all know what they’re for but they won’t know why theirs can’t do what yours can.

Blue Smart Ring (coming soon): Sleek, sophisticated, tech-savvy, and innovative. These are all characteristics of the ring that can do much more than just make you look good. Talk about an impression! Designed for any occasion but optimal for business attire. 

Blue Smart Card: The digital solution to paper business cards, customization now available for single purchases.

Get Paid to Try Our NFC Devices

Whether you are connecting through our digital business cards, Blue smart products, or on the app, you should be getting paid for the natural interactions that occur every day. Online companies sell your online behaviors as data and rack in millions, so Blue wants to incentivize connecting in person to encourage socialization for mental health and also let people cash in for some of those behaviors. Companies are getting paid for the interactions you create online everyday so why not you? Use our amazing NFC devices and get paid to share the new way to network.

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