What Are the Best NFC Applications?

What Are the Best NFC Applications?

Many of us have them, but very little is known about some of the NFC applications that are readily available for you to take advantage of, and why this technology is going to be huge in the future. This tech has been around for some time but what has been huge for its credibility is how near field communication is now installed in most smart devices. It’s more recent adoption by Apple closes a hurdle in its more widespread awareness by the public, many of who have already unknowingly had experience with the technology, through using Apple or Samsung Pay. Additionally, many credit card companies have begun implementing the tech in their cards so users have the option to swipe or simply tap the card and go.

Here at Blue, we think this technology has the potential to be big in the area of networking, where paper business cards and other traditional marketing tools can be digitized to make connecting more seamless. Using our Blue Smart card, you can create a profile that will gather all your social media links, websites, and contact info in one place to be shared with those around you, all through a simple contactless tap so you can make time for making real connections in person.

Top NFC Application

While its use worldwide has actually soared, the problem seems to be that in some instances people wouldn’t know how to use the technology if presented to them. This may soon change because the technology has proliferated due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as companies look for contactless solutions to meet their business needs. Entire industries are going under because of their inability to adapt to State and Federal guidelines for coping with the outbreak and fighting rising cases of infection. Near Field Communication has been instrumental in keeping businesses afloat, and one has to consider how our culture is changing in the “new normal” and how aspects of daily life today could transfer over into life post-COVID-19. Blue is a new way of networking that started back in 2016 but has incidentally helped people stay connected through the pandemic through our proprietary auto-networking™ feature, proximity marketing beacons for retail, and NFC contactless Blue Smart cards.

Applications with NFC

These solutions are just the start with Blue, as our tech and card combination allows us to build a network from in-person connections that are made every day, with our mobile-focus providing greater utility as the network grows. Our platform includes a wide range of diverse and shareable apps that perform a variety of tasks, and our platform can grow to include the next generation of software, some of which will directly be related to the usefulness of near field communication with some applications detailed below:
Cloud-Backed Applications

Authentication, mobile banking, and analytics that can track interactions between devices for a variety of purposes using cloud-backed software. Given the security of contactless tech as a method of encryption, many companies will start utilizing this form of telecommunication for data protection and as additional security precautions online and in real life.

Payment Method

A big indicator that this technology is not only part of the future but also a secure medium, is its current use as a payment method. According to the payment processing company Square, beginning in 2015, the payment network policy mandated that the commercial and financial sectors had to incorporate more security measures into their frameworks, and this change was incurred inline with credit cards moving away from magnetic stripes and closer towards near field communication tech solutions and the like. This upgrading in technology made it so that merchants were now potentially liable for fraudulent transactions that occurred whereas previously it had been the cardholder or payment processing network responsible. Additional security, such as tokenization and military encryption, have also been implemented to ensure safe transactions.  Blue users will also be able to send and receive payments through their profiles. Aside from this, our versatility as a network could lead us to incorporate a blockchain platform that would be succinct with our decentralized network, more on Blue Social below.

Virtual Identification

Having a card that already has so much of your online presence in one place only makes sense to apply in areas of ticketing, travel, and more to generally provide ease to what is often mundane and time-consuming practices that involve long wait times and standing in line. Many of these processes should be simplified and are waiting for solutions like seamless and wireless data transmissions.

Social Media

At Blue Social, we use near field communication-enabled devices as well as Bluetooth technology to bring social networks and social media into the real world and change the networking experience altogether. Our app allows users to discover others nearby and initiate interactions, while our Blue Smart Cards gather social networks and contact information in one place, and seamlessly transfer that data to others with a tap, and whereas not everyone has a business, almost everyone today has a virtual identity. Our logo takes inspiration from the nametag because our technology is designed to initiate conversations while allowing people to put their cell phones and social networks down to make time for more genuine social interactions. Our movement to be truly social is a plight to tackle the problem of loneliness and revolutionize the way we connect with the help of wireless data transmission.

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Blue is one way to take your virtual identity with you into the real world and this is possible through the power of wireless data transmissions that is near field communication technology. Its low energy, security, simplicity, speed, and usability without the need for charging of any kind make it a low maintenance upgrade to help you or your business get ahead when it comes to maximizing opportunities from those within proximity rather than miles away. As Blue continues to grow along with the proliferation of wireless data transmission, “Iot” and “smart things”, we are excited to incorporate more of the best NFC applications to our platform so our users can better connect with the world around them.