What is NFC? The Near Field Communications Guide

What is NFC? Check out our comprehensive guide! Near Field Communication is one of those features that almost everyone has but not many people know about it. People today are seeing it more and more throughout the global pandemic as businesses use the tech to continue operating in-line with standards set out by the World Health Organization as well as local and state authorities.One of the main ways that they have used it is for payment as it provides a contactless alternative to credit card swiping, with some credit cards now having the tech preinstalled. Although a circumstance out of an unfortunate situation, the truth is that this was a direction which many companies were already headed, as evident by Apple coming on board to standardize wireless data transmission in their most modern devices starting tentatively back in 2014.

This is just one example, but it is how wireless data transmissions are coming together with other technologies to power a new digital age that makes it a technology to keep an eye out for. Blue is using it for our Blue Smart Cards, which help people exchange information in-person with zero friction or contact, to build a network that could one day connect people with much more than just each other, as we witness the rise of more and more “smart” products. People will soon be able to connect with their smart homes, smart cars, smart city services, and much more, with the intent of providing efficiency.

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NFC Information

Near Field Communication is usually programmed with a small chip that operates on radio frequency waves. This form of exchanging information is useful in that the nature with which it works makes it so that you do not have to worry about charging the device or maintenance as batteries or other external power sources are not necessary. It’s also very safe since the device can be programmed to solely deliver information with the inability to pick up information, hence how the technology is currently used by Samsung and Apple pay to protect and secure monetary transfers. This, along with our proprietary low-energy Bluetooth technology allows for the ease and comfort when communicating with Blue, as even in today’s “new normal” people can still use Blue to communicate and network from a distance of up to 100 meters away, and exchange information without the need for physical contact.

Blue can also help retailers too through our proximity marketing beacons, that companies can use to send out marketing in the form of discounts or subscriptions to hone in on much-needed business during these times. Yelp will also soon be joining the Blue platform which means you can now share your Yelp to promote local Black-owned businesses. When we get past this pandemic, we can expect that many will be excited to go back out and meet people, and we also think that that could be a huge opportunity for people as well as industry, to maximize their social opportunities and get us back on track. Not only that, but people will hopefully be more open to innovation and see Blue as the New Way to Network.

Uses for NFC

Blue currently links people with the world around them as their virtual name tag, and while the uses for it detailed below are not current capabilities of the Blue platform, it isn’t hard to imagine how a person’s virtual name tag can expand to reduce a lot of the bureaucracy and paperwork that only serve to make your life harder, many of which can use a technological overhaul. From decreasing lines at the airport, minimizing lengthy hospital check-ins during times of crisis, to accessing government services quickly, these are all ways in which wireless data transmission can be used to utilize a virtual identity in terms of maximizing societal efficiency. More examples as follows:

Appliances, Electronics, and Home Automation

Imagine something going awry with one of your appliances or electrons and being able to get diagnostics on your mobile device through wireless data transition tech for home automation. Washer/dryers, cars, fridges, lights and switches, and many more appliances could be updated with this interactive new tech. This could also potentially save you lots of time and money trying to figure the problem out yourself. Tap your phone to adjust settings, open doors, interact with other “internet of things”, smart devices, and connect to services in new and innovative ways.


Having healthcare information readily available for medical professionals could save lives! This could come in the form of special cards, bracelets, or necklaces for senior citizens that could help EMTs pull up hospital records quickly or nurses that will be able to check vitals instantly with this method.

Smart Meters

Parking can be a hassle, especially when running late or on the go, and smart meters can be a simple solution. Wireless data transmission could not only upgrade meters without the need for brand new meters altogether since the chip itself is tiny and about the size of a quarter, but can also alleviate some time constraints. Pay for parking easier and faster than ever before.

Travel and Ticketing

Time is precious, and this can not be understated, especially when it comes to mundane experiences like travel and ticketing. Everyone also hates lines in crowded places. Short-range wireless machinery can help improve the experience when in airports, at public venues, amusement parks, and more.

Try Our Near Field Communications Cards

While our cards are designed to help you connect to other people, businesses, or events; they are limited in their capacity to demonstrate most of the applications listed above. However, because our platform can share a multitude of apps, that can one-day position Blue in much the same way that Facebook has grown to facilitate a number of your transactions online. The idea here is that companies can save time and energy designing their own apps and instead use the Blue platform to share all their information with others. Perhaps one day Blue could be that entry point to connect with all of the other “smart things” that will undoubtedly come from the future that is the “internet of things” and in general, more things becoming equipped with technology to enhance them, with NFC being a means to connect. 

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