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Check out our IOT technology! We have the best in the industry as we understand the use of tech for social good along with providing interactive experiences to our users to be able to connect with the world around them. The electronic use today that is referred to as “ambient” uses GPS to enhance the connective experience. Here at Blue, we have built The Blue Network where individuals socialize with other users who are in proximity to their physical space. We want you to introduce yourself to the world around you and take advantage of the endless opportunities that are presented to you each day.

At Blue, we refer to our proprietary technology as Auto-Networking™ which uses Bluetooth Low-energy to connect to Blue Smart Devices and Beacons. Our smart approach is designed to enhance the advancement of the Internet of Things (Iot) while helping individuals and organizations combine their physical and digital social worlds. Our Blue Social App uses both Auto-Networking™ and Bluetooth Low-Energy instead of GPS when compared with ambient networking. It won’t drain your battery, which is critical for any service you want to leave on all day. Auto-Networking™ is designed to help preserve authentic social interactions in real-time by enhancing networking capabilities in real-life. It provides multiple applications ranging from businesses, community groups, and individuals.

Our software derives from the simple idea of connecting to others. We understand the importance behind meeting individuals on a daily basis, it’s part of not only our human nature but also of who we are as a stranger can become a friend in a short time, but somehow it just ends at that. We may forget to exchange numbers or social media handles or maybe even avoid the awkward chance of sharing information. But, with our app, you have the ability to stay connected with everyone you meet in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is turn on your virtual name tag and prepare for a day full of socialization. Let Blue introduce you to the world of friends around you.

When using the Blue Social App you can create your virtual identity and personalize your Blue Social profile by choosing the information you want to share. Most importantly,  you are able to add all your social networks which at this point in time have become your main point of contact regardless of whether you have a business or not, as everyone has a personal brand connected to their virtual identity. The Blue Social App allows you to link up to 13+ social networking platforms including international networks and your phone number to easily stay connected with new friends. Our Blue Social App is integrated with the Blue Smart Card where you can program your Blue Social App Profile to your Blue Smart Card allowing you to update your Blue profile which will synchronize your information to your Blue Smart Card.  

In terms of Blue, IoT tech has always been part of our vision to help connect smart devices with any “smart” entity. The future of Blue with smart wearables begins as we acknowledge the growing industry of smart wearables and its powerful impact in society. As a company that uses advancements for social good, smart wearables are part of our vision as we look to provide an extended line of it that will allow you to share your socials. As we expand past our goal of creating genuine interactions in person with one another, we want to provide you the opportunity to also connect with entities and businesses around you. Smart devices are all around us. Smart wearables, smart homes, smart cars, and smart things are looking to connect and interact with us on a daily basis. Through the Blue app, we hope to achieve an effortless bridge between you and all the smart devices around you – in your home, in your car, at the mall, and your favorite restaurant. Our goal is for you to maximize social opportunity everywhere you go, whether it be connecting with others through your Blue pop socket or your smart wearable Blue ring.

Our Technology Utilizes IoT

At Blue, our vision has always been driven by the Internet of Things concept of connectivity. The idea of simply connecting smart devices, although sounds very simple, go much more further than that, as it has developed and continues to exceed our expectations. To get a quick refresher on what is considered a device that has internet capability connections, it basically is anything that has a sensor attached to it and transmits data from one smart device to another with the help of the internet. These devices include wireless sensors, software, actuators, and computer devices. They are often attached to a particular object that works through the use of the internet as that often facilitates data transfer among objects without humans as the middleman. For example, things of the internet are everywhere you go from fit bits tracking all your health-related statistics, to a Google Home whom you often communicate with to do tasks for you and even smart cars that warn the driver when there is traffic ahead which sends out messages to people they are scheduled to meet about the delay.

Our best-in-class beacons would be the best way to explain IoT as it becomes a literal example of smart devices interacting with one another. Beacons were introduced as a way to deliver personalized messages to revolutionize the way people interact with public spaces. Their versatility per setting allows for this service to truly deliver an interconnected world that would minimize human physical contact, an issue that is relevant to our world today as we continue to live in the middle of a pandemic. This cutting-edge mechanization can build a future where you have an inherent channel between any public entity and people allowing for a frictionless world. From retail to restaurants to major events, museums, schools, real estate, and even smart cities could be powered by beacons to improve daily experiences.

At Blue, we want to help small businesses and corporations build compelling proximity-based marketing campaigns through the integration of the best-in-class beacons. Although the beacon solution is not only applied to retailers our vision upholds the use of beacons on a much larger scale where you would be able to connect to any public entities. Join us as we adapt to the new today that entails the effective use of beacons to create personalized experiences for your customers. Take your business, no matter how small, to the next level by becoming an early adopter to revolutionary automation that is proven to drive results. 

As our vision to provide seamless interactions grows larger by the day, we hope you join us in this revolutionary journey to be part of an interconnected world where automation facilitates rather than dominates.

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