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Try our New IoT software! A technology that falls under the larger term, the Internet of Things, however, it is a term that is yet to be normalized in our everyday lingo, despite being avid users of such technology with just the use of our smartphones. Another term falls under this umbrella as it is most likely that this is your first time hearing about “ambient” social networking. The technologies today that are referred to as “ambient” use GPS to enhance the connective experience. Here at Blue, we have built The Blue Network where individuals socialize with other users who are in proximity to their physical space. We want you to introduce yourself to the world around you and take advantage of the endless opportunities that are presented to you each day. At Blue, we refer to our proprietary technology as Auto-Networking™ which uses Bluetooth Low-energy to connect to any smart device and beacon.

Our smart technology is made to progress towards the advancement of the Internet of Things (Iot) while helping individuals and organizations intertwine their physical and digital social worlds. Our Blue Social App uses both Auto-Networking™ Technology and Bluetooth Low-Energy instead of GPS when compared with ambient networking. Already making our technology 10x better as it won’t drain your battery, which is critical for any service you want to leave on all day. Through our proprietary technology, we strive to help preserve authentic social interactions in real-time by enhancing networking capabilities in real-life. The best part is that our software has multiple applications for both businesses, community groups, and individuals, making it accessible for anyone to use.

Opportunities come from people you take the time to genuinely get to know. Every day we meet new people, every day a stranger can become a new friend, every day we make acquaintances, but life moves too fast. Sometimes we forget to exchange numbers or in these days social networks. Don’t lose out on an opportunity to meet someone new or stay connected when you have the Blue Social app. Embrace your connections and make the most of your future. Put on your virtual name tag and Let Blue introduce you to the world of friends around you.

When using the Blue Social App you can create your virtual id y and personalize your Blue Social profile by choosing the information you want to share. Most importantly, you are able to add all your social networks which at this point in time have become your main point of contact regardless of whether you have a business or not, as everyone has a personal brand connected to their virtual identity. The Blue Social App allows you to link up to 13+ social networking platforms including international networks and your phone number to easily stay connected with new friends. Our Blue Social App is integrated with the Blue Smart Card where you can program your Blue Social App Profile to your Blue Smart Card allowing you to update your Blue profile which will synchronize your information to your Blue Smart Card.

Blue has created a way for you to network without ever having to physically exchange any of your information all with the idea that smart devices can connect to each other at all times. Our Networking Mode feature is as simple as turning it on while you leave your phone in your pocket allowing you to make connections simultaneously just by the simple act of walking around anywhere you go. Our app will automatically introduce your Blue Virtual Identity and present social opportunities with the goal to help people connect with those sharing their physical space. Blue introduces other Blue users up to 150 feet using our Blue Auto-NetworkingTM technology in combination  with Bluetooth Low-Energy to maximize the opportunities that life presents through social interactions. Through this, differentiating our technology to that of social networks, as you are able to connect with people that may be right next to you rather than a suggested friend from Instagram.


Software Utilizing IoT

As social networks begin to stray away from their actual purpose of fostering a more “connected world”, social networking has taken a new leap to become more than just its social platforms. A new term for ambient social networking was introduced at the SXSW conference. But, how did it come together?  The idea derives from the conjunction SoMoLo, which stands for social, mobile, and local. This refers to the fact that users use social networks on mobile devices, however, it was made locally-based intelligence which personalized information for users influencing the way we interact with not only others but public entities as well. We already use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and or Twitter to inform each other about purchases based on personal recommendations. At this point, we do most of our interactions and purchasing with our phone, so why not make it local. Through this, many companies have implemented marketing campaigns in which they can target consumers that are on-the-go all while increasing purchasing decisions along with brand awareness.

Two strong components that not only benefit the businesses in this case but also provide consumers a more interactive experience. In essence, ambient social networking is becoming a way to effectively network with one another past our phone screens as well as improve business efficiency. Smartphones have become our lives and how we handle our everyday tasks, therefore based on the idea of The Internet of Things, leading to an interconnected dimension without all the extra work. Despite arguments about the reliability of humans on technology, Blue is here to change that as we implement our Auto-Networking™ feature mentioned before, nonetheless with our twist as our goal has always been to use technology for social good. Making our platform one of a kind, as we aim to build a world of friends with IoT software technology that will allow for more interactions in real-life with those around you physical space rather than online. A simple connection from a smart device to another, making networking the easiest it’s ever been.

Privacy concerns have always risen in new developmental eras, however, rest assured at Blue privacy has always been a top priority since we began programming our app. At Blue, we believe that the power should be for the people, which is why we recognize that you are all rightful owners of your data. The data that is often monetized from all apps, not at Blue as any data collected is locally stored in your phone for your purposes only. Our decentralization methods allow us to do this while we better protect our consumers of unethical data collection that is often hidden or not at near sight for consumers of big companies.

While we protect your privacy and look for a more interconnected tomorrow where we tackle larger issues like loneliness, we invite you to be part of the New Way to Network™.

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