The Many Benefits of IoT

The many benefits of IoT range from improving efficiency to connectivity issues to personalization facets that will enhance customers’ experience as a whole. At Blue, we pride ourselves on nurturing the future of tomorrow. The Internet of Things is at the forefront of our mission given that we see the value it provides to allow anyone to enter a new virtual dimension. As we enter what some have described as the fourth industrial revolution, the Internet of Things continues to progress to become the technology that will power that future. A future where we at Blue have already begun taking action, aiming to provide you with all the  technological innovations needed to share your platform and engage with anyone and any public entity.

The Internet of Things refers to the billions of smart devices around the world now connected with the Internet, all collecting and sharing data. The long process for this to come true has derived from the first super-computer chip to the current ubiquity created around smart devices with wireless power. The idea sounds so simple, yet the fact that it took decades for this to come to fruition, is astounding. Today, you have the ability to connect with anything no matter how small or big, with the necessary devices of course, yet allowing you to create that connectivity that creates a worldwide network. Leading to the ultimate goal of smart objects, that can ultimately operate themselves and provide real-time data that can improve any process in general. Through this new dimension, smart technology is building the foundation of a smarter and more responsive tomorrow as we merge both the digital and physical worlds, a way in which Blue is working towards through our product offerings in the social industry.

IoT Benefits Explained

The Internet of Things continues to have an impact on the way we live despite not being as noticeable and or as accessible for everyone to see just yet. As this technology continues to become the norm in this fourth industrial revolution, at times the benefits of it might be subtle, however, there are other advantages that are just as hard to miss. Whether you are an avid IoT connoisseur or just found out what it means, below are six ways it  has directly impacted you or will impact you in the future as this technology’s foundation derives from the simple connectivity between smart devices. Today, it is estimated that over 5 billion people have mobile devices, and from those more than half are smartphones. This makes it all that much more adaptable to today’s culture since we know that our phone is our go-to item wherever we go. Further validating the advantages of using IOT Technology.

1. Connectivity

Wave goodbye to the era of having to manually operate every electronic device for every task. With your smartphones today, you can operate multiple devices from your handheld smart device including connecting to your TV, changing your light colors, listening from speakers, camera security systems, Air Conditioning, along with many other home appliances you never thought you would be able to connect to. Soon practically every device will be connected until the idea of a smart home becomes more accessible.

2. Efficiency

As the ability to connect with smart devices increases, it is only a matter of time until we see the improved efficiency because the normal amount of time spent per task will decrease. For example, voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home can provide answers to your questions, set reminders, answer texts, and even order pizza, all without needing to pick up your phone or turn on your computer. According to Lang from Fortune, innovators have the potential to develop speech technology in a a way that it can be “programmed to allow executives to get boardroom-like updates from a device on their desk…They’ll be able to compile, synthesize, and share information in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for the meetings where these tasks typically take place.” We will be able to fully benefit from the Internet of Things’ ability to connect with Internet-connected devices as they pull data from every direction.

3. Convenience

Smart appliances are becoming the norm in the household as we progress to the idea of smart homes. From smart refrigerators,  vacuums, and even a product scanner that allows you to add every item you throw in the trash to your shopping list so you don’t forget the next time you are in the grocery store, are products of the futuristic approach in our homes. Examples like these provide a layer of convenience to our everyday tasks by saving you time, thus making your life 10x easier.

4. Wellness

At this point in time, the wellness sector has been the fastest-growing in the Internet of Things industry, through its wearable tech, such as fitness trackers and health monitors that can provide suggestions and rewards for progress towards fitness goals. This can be seen as the most recognizable benefit as one in five Americans today own a smartwatch or fitness tracker. The number is slowly increasing because people see the convenience provided by these products, including their wellness attributes.

5. Conversation

Smart cities seem to be around the corner as the Internet of Things begins developing. Developers are coming up with ways to use such technology to monitor city conditions like traffic, air quality, electric and water usage, and environmental factors. Not only that, but it will also be easier to inform people of any announcements faster. This is where the Blue Social app comes into play with our proprietary Auto-Networking technology that allows users to discover those around them to encourage in-person social interactions, while using technology for social good to surpass connections from our screen into the real world.

6. Personalization

The Internet of Things provides personalized experiences as smart devices all around you collect data to get to know you and tailor nearby services for you. We provide this feature through our best-in-class beacons. When the devices are placed in locations like retail stores, they offer an enhanced customer experience where you receive store coupons and personalized suggestions based on your preferences. Thus, making your experience a hyperconnected yet seamless encounter.

The Benefit of IoT

Besides the Internet of Things offering advantages to people on a daily basis, it also helps productivity based on in-house company production levels. This technology has the potential to help businesses improve overall operational efficiency that can save both money and time. The many benefits of IoT include:

Productivity improvement: The Internet of Things allows for the close monitoring of and control over different processes, which can optimize productivity on the operational level. Improved efficiency is a quality that occurs with the use of the Internet of Things as businesses choose to digitize their processes. According to the American Society for Quality factories have increased revenue by 82%, 49% experienced fewer product defects and 45% increased customer satisfaction. 

Predictive Analysis: With all the data collected from the use of internet-connected devices, the new Internet of Things technologies make it possible to analyze repetitive environments in order to better understand the functions of your business which can improve maintenance. The precision of this information will allow you to make better decisions to better the operations of your business.

Rapid Response: The quick availability of data allows you to monitor the systems in place in real-time without having to be there. This facilitates the optimization of processes, as well as quick decision making when a certain system is not working properly. Thus, giving the company a strategic advantage in this volatile market. 

Reduction of human errors: Such technology has allowed for a more complete development of artificial intelligence which uses machinery to complete mundane or repetitive tasks to reduce human errors. 

Despite the Internet of Things taking off in this era, this technology of tomorrow will help the overall productivity of individuals, businesses and cities as a whole. Become a part of the new way to interact with others and to truly connect! Join the wave of new technological advancements to prepare for the future.

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