Reinventing the Name Tag™

Create your virtual identity and be social again.

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The Blue Smart Card

The Blue Smart Card allows you to share your social information with any NFC compatible smartphone – without them needing an app! This will be sure to impress your friends.

Introducing: The Blue Smart Buttons

This limited edition Blue Smart Button sticker is a perfect addition to your phone. Allowing you to share your information with a simple tap at your convenience! *

The New Way to Network™

We are a Tech firm striving to advance technology for social good and provide smart devices that benefit the individual and community. We have developed Auto-Networking™ technology to help individuals and organizations combine their physical and digital social worlds. Our Blue Social App uses Blue’s Auto-Networking Technology to preserve authentic social interactions in real-life.

We have also created the world’s first smart business card, the Blue Smart Card making it easy to share all your socials and any other online presence you may have including payment apps and music playlists. No App Required to Scan. Easier for others to add your info straight into their contacts and choose the online platforms they’d like to follow to stay connected to you.

Built By The People For The People

Blue is revolutionizing the way we connect in real life and currently has over 50,000+ users on the network worldwide, creating 1,000,000+ social introductions.

In the first 6 months alone, Blue has generated $600,000+ in revenue with the Blue Smart Card by disrupting the business card market: 10B+ printed each year. This has led to Blue gaining a $1,100,000 Investment from Tim Draper, $600k raised from Family and Friends, and $1,070,000 raised in a successful public crowdfunding campaign.

We appreciate everyone who has supported us!

Our Community Says it Best!

Timothy GemarRepublic Investor
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I can see all sorts of applications with this technology! I've been in sales for most of my adult life and I wish I had access to this technology years ago! Blue will be a household name in a short time!
Luis Uscanga-PerezRepublic Investor
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Blue offers the young business community an easier way to communicate with others without having to worry too much on their communication skills. It helps them promote themselves with just the tap of a card to a phone.
The Next Big Thing.
@ ZackeryBWard
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This is overall Amazing. Making Networking such a simple task, Discover others using the App, aswell as allow yourself to be discovered! Use the app and watch the networking magic take place. 5 out of 5. Recommend 100%
AMAZING!!! Strongly Recommend
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This app is hands down the way of the future & is changing the way of social networking forever! This is the app our kids kids will be using to connect with people! Thank you for creating the app we’ve always wanted!

The Smartest Business Card

Instantly share your social networks, contact information, payment information, music and weblinks with a simple tap. Best of all, the other person doesn’t need the Blue Social App to receive your information or add you to their contacts!


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