Promote your training services with a simple tap.

With Blue Smart Button, you can easily share all your information from your rates to your Instagram with the latest technology. Whether you’re in the middle of a training session or out and about, you are guaranteed to capture every potential client that is looking to GET FIT.


your clientele by promoting your services through social media to personalized links about specialized workouts with a simple tap.


with potential clients looking to get their workouts based on your schedule and rates. 


to your smartphone or any portable item. Guaranteeing a connection everywhere you go! 

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Limited Edition Smart Buttons

For every order of the Limited Black Lives Matter Button, we will Donate $5 to the NAACP LDF.

The fastest way to share your social networks

Share all of your social networks and see real-time data on clicks and profile views.

Add All Socials

Share all Social Networks.

Instant Contact

Instantly transfer your contact details. Phone number, etc..

No App Needed

Tap on compatible smartphones.

Paid to Be Social

Affiliate program - 15% monthly/referral.


Promote your social networks, websites & more.

100% Quality

Made of durable transparent plastic.

Unlimited Taps

The Blue Smart Button will lasts up to 100k taps.

Revolutionary Tech

Using Near Field Communication. (NFC)

Create Your Virtual Identity Now

Share Everything!

All-in-one Solution!

Impress your trainess!

Get Real time Analytics

Profile Views
Social Media Views
Instagram clicks

Get Your Blue Smart Button™

Share your information with a simple tap.
Leave a lasting first impression with everyone you meet.

Embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology the Blue Smart Button will trigger a link to your personalized Blue profile. When tapped against a smartphone or device you can quickly tap “Add to Contacts” and instantly be added to the phones contacts.
*List of compatible smartphones: Click here.

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