Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the background image of my Blue.Card?

Click on your Blue.Card then click edit in the right-hand corner. You will see a camera icon in the right-hand corner that will let you edit the background image of your profile.

What is Auto-NetworkingTM?

Auto-Networking is the technology behind Blue that allows users to automatically exchange their Blue.Cards with other Blue users.

Can you Block specific Blue.Cards?

Will my social networks remain private?

The privacy setting of your individual networks will remain the same and the privacy of your social networks will remain your choice.

Does my Blue.Card automatically add people to my social networks?

No, Blue allows you to easily find people’s social networks and it remains the user’s choice which network they would like to send a follow/friend Request.

How do I save someone’s Blue.Card?

When viewing your list of collected Blue.Cards, Swipe the card right that you would like to save to your Blue.Card.

How do I delete a previously saved Blue.Card?

Can I turn off my Bluetooth so I am not discovered?

Yes, but you will not be able to discover other people.

Can I be discovered when I am not using the app?

No, you will not be discovered if you are not using the app but if the app is running in the background, Blue will continue to exchange your Blue card with other Blue users.

Why isn’t Blue working when I have Bluetooth on?

It is important that you check the app setting and make sure to allow Blue to access Bluetooth Sharing.