Do You Need a Virtual Business Card?

Do You Need a Virtual Business Card?

Do you need a virtual business card? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. An electronic networking tool is a tangible form of networking where you can digitally link all your information in one app and or tangible option just like our product. With our product, we give you the option to locate and place all your information all in one place in both your digital and physical worlds, despite them being compacted together. Through the Blue App, we provide an electronic format of your traditional alternatives but more advanced. Making it easy for you to see and share your Blue profile, a compilation of all your professional and personal information of your choosing. Our product can be shared with anyone in a number of ways, including Blue smart devices, QR codes found on the app, airdrop, or text message.

It’s not convenient to carry around outdated promotional material anymore and staying connected is harder with all the social platforms we use today. With our patented Auto-Networking technology, you gain exclusive access to a global community of individuals seeking to authentically socialize with others physically around them. Through our new virtual networking technology, we invite you to be part of our global community and hope you enjoy the New Way to Network ™.

Virtual Business Cards Are Here to Stay

As we power for a more technological future, digital alternatives start becoming a norm as mobile technology advances in our smart devices to help us conduct business more efficiently. Our smartphones today have given us access to a vast amount of data compartmentalized in one object that with a few taps we can view websites, video, make payments, use apps, and any other relevant actions. Such advancements have allowed us to reshape our daily world as we improve the way we interact with one another and more importantly leverage our personal brand. Although as owners it becomes more and more important to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, as individuals it is applicable as the way the networking industry is revolutionizing, at this point in the 21st century, newer methods for networking are on the rise. Not only that but as we push forward to more sustainable methods since saving paper becomes a priority in this industry. Despite the digital age, 27 million cards are printed daily turns into just under 10,000,000,000 of them printed annually showing you just how much paper is being wasted when the world has already gone mobile. With over 77% of Americans having smartphones, it is only a matter of time where we can do absolutely everything with our phones.

At Blue, we understand that this industry is here to stay, however instead of people looking at it as the demise of it, we saw it as an opportunity to use technology for social good where you can elevate your networking experience while ensuring your information is being shared in the most efficient way possible. Traditional networking tools are the number one way to share information, they serve to introduce you much like the inspiration behind our logo, as well as branding when you part, given that we guarantee you will make a lasting impression with our product. For organizations, this becomes an even more corporal aspect as traditional promotional material often provides legitimacy to their organization. Therefore, with our product, we saw the opportunity not only to offer a more sustainable option but, also to take advantage of the advancements made today to enhance the world’s experience through our virtual business card in which we revolutionize networking. Through this, we can only validate the fact that digital networking tools are the way to go as it is clear more than ever that you’ll never forget your phone.

How Can A Business Card be Virtual?

Like I said before, as technology begins to dominate our lives when innovation occurs the sky’s the limit as developers, computer scientists and technical engineers all over the world continue improving what we already have today. Therefore, all a physical networking tool needs to be virtual, is a well-developed app that can easily be shared with anyone no matter the compatibility of any phone allowing you to connect to any smart device. Some technology has been employed in revamping traditional networking options, with apps that recognize social media accounts printed on paper, to advanced holographics designed to augment reality and to enhance the initial impression. While our product uses tech to make a great first impression, it is the fact that our product is not meant to be handed out that differentiates the experience. Instead, those you come into contact with will receive your Blue profile, showcasing all of your social media and bringing all of their attention to your online resources. This transaction does not only encourage retention of contact information that would otherwise end up in the trash, but it also leads to more traction and traffic to your online presence, which is much more leverageable and provides unlimited opportunity to expand your brand with the power of internet virality. Providing a seamless experience through not only our product but the Blue Social App allows you to enter any room and connect with anyone near your vicinity, not miles away. 

Hello Lets get Started on your Profile

Our app becomes an electronic option for all of us out there, who tend to rush out of the house at times, with only our phones. Making it not only accessible but excuse-free for sharing your information no matter where you go. Whether you are an owner or an individual who loves to socialize, this product is for you. We recognize that while not everyone is an owner, everyone has a virtual identity that you can promote everywhere you go without limitations. As we push towards a more digital tomorrow, we hope you can join us on the other side of traditional to the New Way to Network ™, revolutionizing today for a better future. 

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