We Have Unique Business Cards Available

We have unique business cards available for purchase today. With our product, you have the ability to share all social media networks, contact information, payment information, and weblinks instantly with a simple tap. The ease of use within our product lies in the fact that the receiving end does not need the app to receive the information. When connected to the app, you are able to track real-time analytics on all your profiles to see the effectiveness of our product with your own eyes. Our product uses NFC technology that has been used for years in a way that revolutionizes the networking industry today. It’s as easy as tapping against any compatible phone, which allows for the smartphone to save the contact information. Our product is extremely distinctive as you can add your Email Address, Phone Number, Instagram, Venmo, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Spotify, Apple Music, Website, Custom Link and more coming soon. We are here to take all your networking pains away in a matter of seconds. Whether you have a phone or carry your business cards in your wallet, this is the product for you. Aside from being an alternative to keeping all your information stored in one place, you also gain exclusive access to the Blue Social platform, a network full of individuals ready to be social. Our proprietary Auto-Networking technology allows you to discover people around you, just feet away, and meet the connection of your life. Come along in our journey as we become part of the New Way to Network™.

Try a Unique Business Card

Give our product a try as it has the power to not only revolutionize the way you interact with others while you leave a lasting impression due to its sleek design. Thousands of people have already bought our exclusive smart alternative that has proven to drive personal success for them. We have testimonies from people all over the world, finding each other with our product and we have personally found people from our community when we travel to events we sponsor ourselves. Through our product, we want to provide you the perfect tool for the professional on-the-go so you never miss an opportunity ever again.

We ensure you maximize social opportunity and actually capture all connections possible by allowing you to use all your time possible to make those valuable connections.  We understand that traditional networking tools are still a need in today’s society as networking becomes the prime form of both communication and lead captures from employers to owners promoting their businesses. However, 88% of cards are thrown out a week after they’re exchanged thus, lowering your chances of getting that job, creating a meaningful connection with a recruiter, or even losing a potential customer. As we aim to be a different kind of networking that provides seamless experiences when networking. Think about when you attend a networking event and make it your goal to connect with 100 people for that day. Out of the 100, only 12 keep your nicely embossed, glossed over, raised lettering traditional networking tool that you worked so hard on to make. Although unique, it is still not enough as only 8 out of the 12 actually insert your contact information on their phones. So would you consider that the most effective way to make valuable connections? Probably not, therefore we want to provide a way where all your contacts will be single-handedly shared through a single tap which can ensure people will save your information on their phones. Through our product, we want to provide you the perfect tool for the professional on-the-go so you never miss an opportunity ever again. We ensure you maximize social opportunity and actually capture all connections possible by allowing you to use all your time possible to make those valuable connections.

Business Cards that are More Unique Stand Out

At Blue, we want to minimize those steps by providing a one-time solution with our product that has a sleek design to get rid of your design problems. Our product is constructed with durable transparent plastic that not only will replace the need to constantly order more, but it is sure to give your prospects and colleagues a lasting impression every time! Begin to create a meaningful and personalized networking experience with everyone you meet no matter where you go.

Tech-innovative networking tools have become the new and improved cool alternative as they apply the smartest technology to make sharing information easier. As people begin to use more technology to simply share information, traditional tools lack reliability to share the same information in comparison. Therefore with this distinctive look, you are bound to not only be differentiated from those who you are networking with as they’ll remember you as the one with the unique business cards. This not only will serve them as a clear reminder of you, meaning there’s a high chance they won’t forget you, and ensure that both they and you have each other’s information with ease. It has been proven time after time that being different is certain to make you stand out in all positive ways when interacting. By using our product, you are guaranteed to create meaningful interactions that will last a lifetime. Our sleek design is made for valuable connections where you will be one of the few to compact all your information in one place to make it easy and accessible when networking. The New Way to Network is here to stay and much more than just sharing your information, but a new way to connect altogether.

Although there are many alternatives for  digital networking options in the market, we want to encourage you to join us as we revolutionize the networking industry by providing a solution for all your professional needs, through your own individualized alternatives. Personalization is key when networking as it is bound to stand out anywhere you go, not only for its unique design but, also for the speed with which you can share information. Despite being able to attach individual links to your card, you also have the option of customization

There are other smart networking companies that utilize NFC technology in the same way that we do, but we are the only tech company simultaneously building a network with our networking tools, and gearing peer to peer networking towards an Internet of Things future with our proprietary Bluetooth low energy tech. After all, Blue gets its name from Bluetooth, which is designed to connect people and smart devices. Our recently introduced white-label and reseller programs Powered by Blue are also generating revenues as more and more enterprises do away with traditional networking options, boost their online presence, and join the New Way to Network. Through this, revolutionizing events as a whole that has since then been proven successful through the use of our product at such major conferences, university events, and much more.

Dare to be different and join us as we revolutionize an old-fashioned industry that needs to be updated with the latest technology. As you use our product, think about all your problems dissolving as you pack all your information in one place while sharing it with a tap. The ability to do that today is still very slim, therefore only strengthening the capabilities of our product. Be part of the network that allows you to maximize every social opportunity by facilitating introductions everywhere you step in.