Social Media Business Cards are Here to Stay

With platforms evolving every day, social media business cards are here to stay, so bring the digital revolution to your networking game! With so many companies taking the time, energy, and money to switch their traditional marketing strategies to online resources such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, it is imperative to not just focus solely on online audiences, especially because media will be forever changed by the Blue platform. This transformation comes at the heels of the “internet of things” and 5g technologies that will connect more and more “smart things” that will have a range of capabilities between them, as well as use data to give us better insights on ways we can improve many behaviors to change our daily lives for the better. A small step in this direction is making business cards “smart” through the use of NFC (near field communication) and low-energy Bluetooth technologies. These allow you to take your favorite platforms to a whole new level by adding dimension to networking by using our products to connect you with those around you, and not people online and miles away.

Here at Blue, we are proud to be the first platform to take this first step in merging our real and virtual worlds. Similarly to “Pokemon Go”, the Blue platform lets you discover others and be discovered, with your choice of the handles and contact info that you chose to share with the world. We promote the idea of a more well rounded virtual identity because so much of what you do and who you are is scattered all over the web. By bringing all of these tidbits of information together, people you come across can not only get a bigger picture of your hobbies, interests, and tastes, but you can also drive more engagement into each of those individual sites, since Blue does not compete with anyone site but rather, enhances them all by offering more followers from different sources. People do this often by tagging or shouting out their many socials on their different platforms, but now the people you meet in real life can see all of your content in one place.

With some platforms being so relatively new, there were bound to be cons to the unforeseen technology. We can see that almost every day with how dependent people are on their devices, even for innate human needs like communication. The problem is that online platforms only give the illusion of human connection, with misinformation, bias, and anonymity underscoring the real mental health benefits that can only be had from real and true human exchanges. These trends in loneliness in a world made ostensibly “smaller” through the ease of online networking, have come to be just that- trends; not to be confused with the quintessential benefits of the human element.

Paper business materials are often extensions of your virtual identity since many are stamped with your social media account handles, however the method by which they are all shared at once is simply not effective because not only are they not sustainable, but you also have to pay a recurring fee for that inefficiency. By going digital, you can turn that monthly fee into a one-time purchase with a device that will last a lifetime and make connecting that much easier!

Business Cards Leveraging Social Media

What makes media worth the time and effort is how big results can come from little effort. While building a following is the hard part, once it is established it can transform your life. Doors become open to those who can create content that is thought-provoking and engaging, with influencer marketing skyrocketing as a strategy to bring in brand awareness. The power of a network, along with internet virality, are two key factors that make leveraging a following so easy, because once something is posted, often the internet takes care of the rest. When it comes to networking in person, not only can these interactions help build your brand by driving more traffic to each of your sights from people you come across naturally in real life, but you never know who you’ll meet, and through the power of a network, sometimes all you need is to meet the right person to help take that following to another level through perhaps the leveraging of their online followings. If you are someone with a huge following, then it is likely that you are someone who networks often, and using the Blue Smart Card can help in making a lasting and memorable first impression.

Social Media Card For Business Purposes

These benefits are not only exclusive to individuals and influencers. We mentioned earlier how companies have spent millions making their products and services readily available through the web or apps, but with Blue, now they will be able to use our low-energy Bluetooth beacon technology to capitalize on proximity marketing, which is set to change the way you shop and the way that companies do customer outreach. Some companies can use our “smart products” on a smaller scale as a display to promote their online profiles. On the other hand, we can offer proximity marketing solutions so companies can better attract people nearby, by sending them notifications with discounts or subscriptions when they come in proximity to our devices.

Best Social Media Business Card

Despite all of the time that goes into creating the perfect design, using the best materials, and with a price tag to match, what sucks is seeing all of that effort go to waste. So much paper is thrown out every day, and this is a problem to which Blue is the solution. In an age where platforms come first, it can also be incredibly frustrating and even nerve-wracking in some instances to ask for a network handle, let alone multiple. What is easy to do online is a post about all of the things you love, but what’s not so easy is sharing all of that with those around you. Make it simple by sharing your social media business card, and the new way to network.

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