Are You Looking for a Simple Business Card?

Are you looking for a simple business card? Then, you have come to the right place. The future of networking has arrived thus, our product is here to solve all your networking worries with a single tap. The Blue Smart Card is here to improve the efficiency of networking while taking it to the next level. Our product has cutting edge technology that will allow you to share all information from your LinkedIn to your portfolio to mostly any social media platform you can think of, we have it all in a compact solution made for you. Our goal as a company is to make networking as easy for you as possible while providing all the services needed for you to succeed in your journey to connect. At this point in our lives, we’ve all experienced lost connections whether at a networking event, company-wide training, and so forth. Therefore, we provide a more effective tool guaranteed to share your information.

A key differentiator we offer is the ability to share your information regardless of whether the other person has the app or not. With the ability to tailor your personalized Blue Profile with up to 13+ links ranging from social media platforms to email, to payment information to professional profiles that can vary depending on your intended purpose, we have it all. Not only are you able to share your information worry-free, but also with our proprietary Auto-Networking technology, you are able to discover those that are within your proximity, not miles away in hopes to create lasting connections in person. Our distinctive Blue Platform allows you to be part of something much more than just exchanging information, but rather allocating more time for real interactions in-person. At Blue, we take the term for social networking to a literal form, where you socialize past your screen as opposed to online.

Simple Business Cards Make Everyday Life Easier

In an age where we have transferred over to mobile devices, technology has become the application that has progressed enough to simplify methods that were often outdated, much like the networking industry. At Blue, we saw this as an opportunity to improve an industry that needed an update, thus our offering of an effortless networking tool, a simple business card. The simplicity behind the idea of our product comes from the use of NFC tech that allows you to share information so easily. Networking was never made to be intricate, the act of networking derives from the simplicity of socializing and engaging in authentic conversation rather than struggling to share so much information. With our product, we are here to make networking easier than ever before.

Our cutting edge technology is here to take away the pains of sharing your platforms out loud in a busy room where we all know there is bound for someone to make a mistake, once again robbing you from that opportunity. Any scenario that could possibly go wrong at a networking event in terms of capturing information, our product is there to save the day. Its ability to share information with a simple tap on anyone’s phone. Both an easy and secure way to transfer data from one smart device to another. Our goal is for you to connect with as many people as possible in order to have more time for genuine conversation rather than exchanging information verbally.

With our product comes the handy dandy Blue Social App, that makes it super easy to keep track of all your information loaded onto your smart card, but also access to the real-time analytics that provide insight on your personal goals, when sharing. Besides offering a tangible option, we like to reduce as many inconveniences as ever, by providing the app as an alternative. The app lets you share your information with a similar ease of use as you can share through a QR code, airdrop for the iPhone users and a simple text message all while the person who you are connecting with saves your contact information directly. We have been recognized as a leading provider for such services, due to versatility that comes with it. Our products shape your needs, so we are only here to provide a simulated alternative that will reduce the pains of networking. Whether you are a social media guru that generates revenue from those avenues to a more corporate level job, this business card is for you. Together, our products are here to solve all your needs with simplicity and cutting edge technology. Join us as we revolutionize the networking industry together, with existing technology that is way overdue for traditional methods. Wave goodbye to traditional networking and say hello to your new name tag! Get ready to make all the first impressions you ever needed.

What is it That Makes This Card So Simple?

Our product uses NFC technology which typically comes in the form of a chip that essentially uses radio frequency waves to facilitate data transfers and because of the radio frequency field, it can do so without the need for batteries or other external power sources. This exchange technology is one of the best options to simplify tasks today. The reason why the technology matters is because of its versatility in use, but it is also a very secure wireless data transmission medium. It can be used at a short distance, preventing a third party from interfering in this connection. It also uses security encryptions for a safe data journey.

Then our Blue Social App uses BLE to make data transferable through Bluetooth tech, an application that many phones today often already have enabled. BLE works like WiFi in the sense that it becomes a channel for smart devices to connect with one another. However, BLE is meant for occasions where battery life is a priority over high data transfer speeds.

At Blue Social, we use NFC-enabled devices along with Bluetooth technology to bring professional networks and social media into the real world and change the networking experience altogether. Our app allows users to discover others nearby and initiate interactions, while our product gathers social networks and contact information in one place, and seamlessly transfers that data to others with a tap. Both our name and logo derives its inspiration from the name tag as our BLE technology is created to break the ice during those awkward conversations that as a human you are always in need for. We take those awkward moments away and present them with more time for genuine conversation while we simultaneously put our phone away. Our movement to be truly social is a plight to tackle the problem of loneliness and revolutionize the way we connect with the help of wireless data transmission. Level up your networking game with our Blue powered smart devices and app!

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