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Obtain the best personal business cards today! Our product is a great asset for you to be able to not only promote your brand but also your organization if needed. Our product is versatile as it adjusts to any of your needs no matter the industry. Through the Blue Social App, you can link from your socials to company information making it easier to connect with anyone in this digital age. At this point, we know it is not only a staple for organizations but also individual brands to promote themselves through social media, making our product the most adjustable to our current entrepreneurial age along with the already established corporate methods. Adding any link from Instagram to LinkedIn to email and even your website is what makes our product so distinctive for anyone to use. The best part is that they don’t have to have the app on their phone to be able to exchange information as it is all transferred through NFC technology that enables any smart device to capture information. We took inspiration from the name tag and aim to reinvent an old-fashioned industry with our own patented Auto-Networking technology to help strengthen in-person relationships, as with our product you can share all your information with a quick tap leaving more room for genuine conversation. Be part of the New Way to Network™ and tap into a more digital tomorrow that will facilitate your daily interactions while you join the Blue Social Platform, a differentiated network made for an even easier way to network.

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Although there are many alternatives for digital networking options in the market, we want to encourage you to join us as we revolutionize the networking industry by providing a solution for all your professional needs, through your individualized alternatives. Personalization is key when networking as it is bound to stand out anywhere you go, not only for its unique design but, also for the speed with which you can share information. In addition to being able to attach individual links, you also have the option of customization. Although other smart networking companies utilize NFC technology in the same way that we do, we are the only tech company simultaneously building a network with our networking tools, and gearing peer to peer networking towards an Internet of Things future with our proprietary Auto-Networking tech. After all, Blue gets its name from Bluetooth, which is designed to connect people and smart devices. Our recently introduced white-label and reseller programs Powered by Blue are also generating revenues as more and more enterprises do away with traditional networking options, boost their online presence, and join the New Way to Network™. Through this, revolutionizing events as a whole that has since then been proven successful through the use of our product at such major conferences, university events, and much more.

The Internet of Things becomes part of the idea to revolutionize connections on a level beyond just humans, but also smart things connecting applies to this principle to aspects of everyday life, such as in the areas of transportation, ticketing, events, and access to governmental services. Our product could one day evolve to be a solution to all of these issues, as our app-based platform can grow to include several apps that make up the Blue platform, that you can then exchange with others whether that is person to person, person to a smart device, or corporation to customer. The New Way to Network™ is much more than just sharing information through the best personal business cards, but rather a new way to connect altogether. Through this, we hope to revolutionize an old-fashioned industry that has been dependent on traditional networking, however with our product leveling up companies, universities, and any public entity way of networking to provide seamless interactions.

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Now more than ever, distinctive networking options are essential to anyone in the workforce and or organization. Our product was made for anyone as we understand that although not everyone has a company, everyone has a virtual identity that represents your brand. Thus, making our alternatives perfect for absolutely everything, whether you’re an influencer looking to grow your following, an entrepreneur looking to promote your services, a job-searching individual looking to find a recruiter or just a social being who goes out often and likes to connect with everyone they meet, this is the perfect fit.  From aiming to provide such a unique product to you, our vision goes far beyond that into allowing you to connect with any public entity through the Internet of Things to deliver custom messages straight to your phone. Providing a seamless experience through not only our product but the Blue Social App that allows you to enter any room and connect with anyone near your vicinity, not miles away. 

Through this less tangible version of networking tool, you can share your Blue profile, a compilation of all your professional information, with anyone in several ways, including our product, QR codes found on the app, airdrop, or text message. At Blue, we know that networking can be a hassle from running out of promotion material to maintaining an up-to-date bio, therefore we provide the perfect option for you by going all digital. Although it is not the only one, it remains recognized as one of the best in the market due to its versatility for any professional no matter the industry. Many entrepreneurs today use social media networks to create portfolios for their products and or services making both the app and smart networking tool easily accessible while effectively collecting leads that will take your organization to the next level. Not only can you add all of your information through the app for it to be linked to our product but it also provides real-time analytics that allows you to see its impact. The Blue Social app paired with our product becomes the dynamic duo that is here to solve all your needs with simplicity and cutting edge technology. By revolutionizing the networking industry, we have provided a new way to network – reinventing the name tag that can easily introduce you to the world.

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