Try Our Electronic Business Cards

If you need an electronic business card then you have come to the right place. A contact identification is meant to stand out, so if you want to add a modern pop to your networking game, try connecting through our cool smart tech devices. Blue Social essentially reinvents traditional networking methods, by acknowledging that while not everyone is an entrepreneur, almost everyone today has a virtual identity.

Initially created to curate the paradoxical problem of loneliness in a more connected world, Blue takes inspiration from the name tag, a universal symbol recognized as a tool designed to facilitate interactions and encourage socializing. What makes our Blue Smart products cool, however, is how our proprietary technology makes connecting as quick and as simple as tapping our product to a smart device, which then instantly pulls up all of your contact information and social media platforms together in one place, leaving more room for genuine and authentic conversation.

While there are similar products currently on the market, what separates Blue from other networking tools and companies, is how we are combining our proprietary auto-networking technology incorporated into our app with the vehicle that is our Blue Smart products to build a network that will instantly connect you with those around you and in real life, rather than online and miles away. When sharing information with Blue, you are not only sharing a cool new smart device but an entirely New Way to Network ™.

Need an Electronic Business Card?

If you want to put your best foot forward when promoting yourself, you want to start with a great first impression, and we can help.  Not only that, but our one-of-a-kind auto-networking technology can help you find others who are looking to connect via their socials and can even help initiate a conversation through our new digital “wave” feature to break the ice.

Blue streamlines many of the processes of social exchanges, such as awkwardly asking for contact information. The simplicity in Blue is that you never have to part with them, or you can simply utilize our app if you prefer to go without them altogether. Printing costs also go out the door since Blue replaces recurring printing fees with a sustainable solution. Ultimately, some may argue that the point of marketing material is to make the best first impression, and some do not like the idea of losing something tangible to hold on to. We have covered these bases as best as we can, and we are not opposed to the idea of people holding on to their traditional networking methods for those who are perhaps not as tech-savvy or a little more old-fashioned. 

Having an electronic alternative for certain segments of your target audience, however, can benefit you tremendously and keep your marketing strategies up to date. Whether promoting yourself, your business, side hustle, or full-time career, one aspect of modern society that you don’t want to leave out is your social platforms. Today, if you do not utilize social media you simply are not maximizing your potential. Virality makes it possible for you and your brand to reach global audiences in record time with the power of the networking effect.

Why Are Some Business Cards Electronic?

People are looking for business tools that are modern and digital, that’s why there has been a whole culture built around using them to make impressions in the last few decades, with a focus on materials, details, and pomp. No matter how much you spend on traditional networking and marketing methods, however, what is hard to deny is that many of these tools simply outlive their usefulness, whether that is being thrown out shortly after having been received, or serving their purpose and ending up disposed of.

With so much advertising and marketing transitioning to online brand positioning, using paper to network, is starting to look more and more like a one-trick pony. Some technology has been employed in revamping the concept of social identification, with apps that recognize social media accounts printed on paper material, to advanced holographics designed to augment reality and enhance the initial impression. While our Blue Smart products use tech to make a great first impression, it is the fact that they are not meant to be handed out that differentiates from the traditional experience.

Instead, those you come into contact with will receive your Blue profile, showcasing all of your social media and bringing all of their attention to your online resources. This transaction does not only encourage retention of contact information that would otherwise end up in the trash, but it also leads to more traction and traffic to your online presence, which is much more leverageable and provides unlimited opportunity to expand your brand with the power of internet virality. 

Other smart device companies utilize NFC technology in the same way that we do, but we are the only tech company simultaneously building a network with our products, and gearing peer to peer networking towards an Internet of Things future with our proprietary Bluetooth low energy tech. After all, Blue gets its name from Bluetooth, which is designed to connect people and devices and similarly named after a historical figure who was revered as a unifier. The Internet of Things takes the idea of smart things connecting to each other and applies this principle to aspects of everyday life, such as in the areas of transportation, ticketing, events, and access to governmental service. The Blue Smart network could one day evolve to be a solution to all of these issues, as our app-based platform can grow to include several apps that make up the Blue platform, that you can then exchange with others whether that is person to person, person to a smart device, or enterprise to customer. The New Way to Network ™ is much more than just sharing a cool electronic business card, but a new way to connect altogether.