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The Blue Smart Card, the best digital business card, is here to improve the efficiency of networking while taking it to the next level. Our product has cutting edge technology that will allow you to share all information from your LinkedIn to your portfolio to any social media platform you can think of, we have it all in a compact solution made for you. As the evolution of traditional methods becomes more prominent in the industry, we hope you do not become a victim of scenarios where you happen to attend a networking event and as you extend to share your information, your paper networking tool gets lost with all the others hindering your chance to get into contact with a valuable connection. With the best option, you can instantly share all social media networks, contact information, payment information, and weblinks with a simple tap of our product. And best of all, the other person doesn’t need the Blue Social app to receive your information and add you to their contacts! Our proprietary Auto-Networking technology allows you to connect with people within feet away to join our new dimension of the Blue Social platform, a differentiated network made to connect on the go.

What is a Digital Business Card?

As the networking industry took a boom, it recently became a problem as sharing information ineffectively took away from its initial purpose, thus the introduction of new tools in the 21st century. Tech-innovative solutions have become the new and improved digital networking tools as they apply the smartest technology to make sharing information easier. As people begin to use more technology to simply share information, traditional networking methods lack reliability to share the same information in comparison.

You can often create a virtual networking tool through apps that allow you to create transferable information with vCard files through email. Others offer the creation of QR codes which you often have to pay for to add to their and in a way digitize their information by scanning the code to a direct link. There are also apps that allow you to scan paper networking tools to digitize information to make it easier to type in on your phone. The development of augmented reality has now made what many thought impossible, although still a work in progress, an AR option has been created which allows you to unpack all your professional information right in front of your eyes. However, as the needs of the public shift towards having a personalized smart networking tool that provides the versatility of sharing both organization needs and or social setting needs, much like the 17th century calling networking tool, that is our product. For the people who prefer a virtual option that is more tangible than virtual, our product becomes the right choice as it makes it quite easy for you to share all your socials within a tap from your phone. However, for those who prefer an option that may be more convenient, wait until you hear about the best virtual option.

Why Are Business Cards Digital?

As traditional networking tools evolved to become digital, it is important to come back to the history of business tools and how they were initially introduced centuries ago. The idea of a networking tool was first introduced during the 15th century in China as visiting sheets or calling sheets for aristocrats to introduce themselves when they arrived. They were often collected by their servants and at the end of the meeting, businessmen would delegate with whom they would meet. The concept of trade networking tools later expanded over to Europe starting as visiting passes to announce royalty and nobility, which rapidly became the norm among the social elite during that century. They were often highly ornamented designs with elegant colors to simply display a name. It was often used in social settings governed by systematic rules and etiquette.

Meanwhile, in London, trading networking tools were developed as a form of advertising for trade merchants. These trade tools were closer to the typical networking tools today as they listed information about the craftsman, his shop, and its location. However because at the time, there was no standard number system for streets, the back of these trade networking tools often had maps and written directions to help people get to their location. Later came the Industrial Era, when printing was first introduced. Written sheets then became printed as the printing press became more accessible for people and organizations as well. Printing allowed for more elaborate designs to be part of cool networking tools in that era. As the networking tool industry began to become its own industry, it separated into calling sheets and visiting sheets despite both having the intended goal of social use. When they finally entered the market in the U.S. until the 19th century, both types of networking tools had then merged to become what is the typical networking tool we still have today. As the median class came to rise and social formality decreased, the paper networking tool became a staple for American people and everyone around the world. Although it was predominantly used for the social elite, the transition as traditional networking tools became a must was not always smooth, since many times the upper class refused to merge this concept for everyone. Moving to the 20th century, the stigma followed as more executives used traditional networking tools with sleek designs as a way to exert their power and prestige to the world.

The movie American Psycho has a particular scene that highlights the type of social influence exerted with the simple act of trading traditional options truly solidifying the exchange of information showing a character with design. However, as such networking tools serve for the workforce in particular it has now become an easily attainable asset that can help anyone promote themselves wherever they go. It was clear that there was a demand for it, however, its purpose and effectiveness during a prosperous era was not enough to get virtual just yet. The industry began to expand to look for newer initiatives and tech that would give them an update while eliminating the daily problems that arise with using a traditional paper networking tool.

 As of today, 88% of traditional paper networking tools are thrown out within a week thus, a problem that requires innovative solutions. As technology began to become a corporal aspect in our daily lives, it was only a matter of time before a virtual option came to light. At that time Blue was able to see this as an opportunity, after seeing the inefficiency of traditional networking tools, to reinvent the way you network by revolutionizing the industry with a networking tool that fits your needs of both business and social needs. You can add all your social media networks along with professional contact information that can help elevate your networking. With our product, we use cutting edge technology by applying NFC tech to share information regardless of whether the person whom you are sharing with has the app or not, making networking easier than ever. Thus, our path to becoming a cool product has begun as we aim to use our product to facilitate social interactions all over the world with a simple tap to allow for more genuine and authentic conversation.

What is the Best Digital Business Card App?

Now you may have asked yourself, how do you keep track of the connections made through our product? Or How does our product have access to my information? Well, let me introduce the Blue Social App which allows you to link all your information in both the app and our product. Through this less tangible profile, a compilation of all your professional information, to share with anyone in a number of ways, including our product, QR codes found on the app, airdrop, or text message.  All while making it convenient for you to network anytime without any fear that you may have run out of the traditional networking tools even have forgotten our product at home. Although it is not the only one, it remains recognized as one of the best in the market due to its versatility for any professional no matter the industry. Many entrepreneurs today use social media networks to create portfolios for their products and or services making both the app and smart networking tool easily accessible while effectively collecting leads that will take your organization to the next level. Not only can you add all of your information through the app in order for it to be linked to our product, but it also provides real-time analytics that allows you to see its impact. The Blue Social app paired with our product becomes the dynamic duo that is here to solve all your needs with simplicity and cutting edge technology. By revolutionizing the networking industry, we have provided a new way to network – reinventing the name tag that can easily introduce you to the world, through the best digital business card.

As electronic networking tools start becoming the norm in society due to their versatility and availability to share information they become your new compact solution and go-to item in a world that is ready to be social. I mean how many times have we paused a conversation and just awkwardly waited for a person to input their information? Way too many, but now with the emergence of new virtual options like our product, we hope to eliminate that awkward minute and rather use it to engage with one another.