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Technology is changing the way you interact, so try our cool business cards, and more seamlessly connect! Business tools are always going to give you the advantage when trying to promote a product, service, or even yourself. Having the latest and greatest tools is one way to stay ahead of what are now traditional marketing materials. Go digital with Blue, and put all of your online presence in one place that can be transferred in an instant using our Blue Smart products or the other ways to connect available on the Blue Social app.

With companies having undergone a serious revamping in the last few decades due to technology, it only makes sense to turn to a mobile focus when it comes to how you network. The web has evolved in such a way where not only have major companies gone online but now they are focused on making their services accessible from anywhere at any time through mobile devices. Also, “smart things” are only proliferating as computers get smaller and smaller and are being integrated into everything from TVs to watches, doorbells, stereos, and much more. Tech is being introduced into everything, and that’s why using paper business cards to promote your online presence just doesn’t add up in terms of efficiency.

At Blue, not only can we help you go digital, but our one-time purchase will help you save on printing fees for products that just end up getting tossed in the trash. People spend so much to get their social media handles and contact info printed on a card when most people simply don’t have the attention span to go through all of your accounts let alone engage with all of your posts. Switching over to a solution that emphasizes your virtual identity is what sets Blue apart and gives you the edge against non-sustainable traditional networking.

Looking For A Cool Business Card?

Social media has only proven how powerful a network can be. This same networking effect is what is building the Blue platform, as word of mouth advertising is still one of the best marketing methods, and this is a trend that extends to individual followings online who are more inclined to be influenced in their decision making by people they know and trust compared to big corporations. This, in combination with the versatility provided by our app, is what gives us headway for some of the other aspects of the platform that are currently being built by Blue and will come in the near future.

The Blue platform is the only one of its kind because Blue incentivizes social connections, including an affiliate program where you can get paid to network, as well as Blue tokens that you can earn based on the number of social interactions you create, that you can then exchange for products and services on the Blue platform. Not only that, but the Blue Market Network will soon bring companies on board to utilize our cool Bluetooth low-energy beacon technology, which will allow you to receive discounts and subscriptions to your favorite retailers by simply walking past the beacons, which utilize our proximity marketing and auto-networking features. These are some of the ways that the Blue Network will expand to become a thought leader in the tech industry of the near future.

More immediate benefits of the Blue Network includes a streamlined experience for connecting through online social platforms, but these include a variety of ways to connect through the Blue Social app, including QR codes, airdrop, and text message which serve as solutions to issues with compatibility and general technical difficulties that may arise.

Blue also provides valuable analytics regarding visitors to these social sites, the number of clicks and visits per platform, affiliate progress and earnings, and much more. Access to this type of data should not be underestimated, as companies pay top dollar for this kind of information. In contrast, Blue flips that script as a decentralized network that gives this data to the people, while putting the money back in their pockets for the data that they create every day through Blue’s affiliate and tokenization program. Our products are electronic in that they utilize NFC or Near Field Communication technology to facilitate interactions, and this makes social exchanges very safe, considering it is the same tech that is used by Samsung and Apple Pay for monetary transfers. Additionally, we have a support team that is available for round-the-clock assistance for all of your online questions and inquiries.

What Makes Our Business Cards Cool

We have so much to offer since we are much more than just a business card or sustainable alternative to paper marketing. Our movement of social authenticity prioritizes the human element by using technology to encourage real-life conversations rather than online exchanges that can miss the mark when it comes to the real benefits that socializing with others brings to the table, especially in the area of mental health- and this extends to the current global pandemic with so many indoors and in quarantine. We are social creatures and that is why socializing online just doesn’t cut it because in-person interaction is what is innately sought out by our nature. Seeing people in a room with their heads down to their phones was imagery that had a profound effect on our CEO, Jose Montero as he, like everyone else has witnessed this surge of loneliness as an epidemic brought about by technology, in what is a world more connected than ever before. Using technology to instead promote connections with people around you, and not miles away is how we plan to make a difference, with our tech even being able to connect people from a distance, all without the need for physical contact. This is next-level networking, try our cool business cards today!

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