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With the way we interact changing with technology, join the best business card app now, so you can go digital and connect more seamlessly! With so many companies and marketing headed towards a mobile focus and sustainability, you don’t want your strategies to fall flat because you didn’t adapt to the needs of your consumers. 

What many of these consumers have in common is how their habits have changed from enterprises becoming more seamless, with higher expectations from the products and services they purchase. Additionally, the internet allows them to be incredibly well informed, holding companies accountable for their ethics at every level, and with social media being a tool where they can potentially tarnish long-established organizations with a single tweet, post, or video.

Traditional marketing materials simply fail in comparison to our Blue Smart Card, because they fail to effectively execute their intended goal of connecting people to businesses and services, and in a way that is not sustainable or ethical in the modern, environmentally conscious, and tech-savvy world of today. 

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The initial problem that inspired the creation of Blue did not come from the inefficiency of traditionally connecting but rather, the overall problem of people choosing to connect online instead of in-person, likely brought about because of how our addiction to our smart devices affects us. Seeing people in a room connecting through the web, with their heads down and indifferent to those who are actually around them, we realized was contributing to the larger problem of loneliness in a more connected world. Originally, our first attempt at building a platform went well but the challenge we faced with the system revolved around missing something tangible that related to the behavior people are already used to with their traditional marketing methods. Enter Blue, which utilizes NFC technology as the wireless data transmission through which you can share all of your social media handles and contact info instantly with a tap. The beauty in combining the Blue Smart Card with our software, however, is how people can choose how they want to connect, whether that is with our product or through the methods available on the Blue platform. This not only allows people to discover one another around them with our proprietary auto-networking feature, but there are also ways to connect with just your smart device, and this includes our QR code solution for non-compatible devices, airdrop, or text message.

Because we are building a network through our platform, that will also provide a range of value when it comes to our product’s utility. One way in which we have already incentivized people connecting in real life is through our affiliate program, where users can earn a 15% commission for every Blue Smart product sold through their affiliate links. This is huge because not only are there opportunities for you to earn while engaging in behavior that you do naturally every day but also because with only 40,000 current users worldwide, that leaves a tremendous amount of opportunity to capitalize on a new trend that practically sells itself due to its efficiency. Of these users, over 1,000,000 interactions have been created, and there are further ways in which the Blue platform can be monetized in the near future, including the introduction of Blue “tokens” which can be collected and traded in from Blue products, event tickets and more- all through capturing natural interactions. Through the affiliate program, users are also given a dashboard where they can view their progress and earnings, with free public analytics that is provided for each Blue user that can help them with their in-person marketing strategies. Profile clicks and individual account views are the metrics that are collected, using a decentralized method that is in contrast to how some of the biggest social media companies like Facebook collect data, selling it off to the highest bidder at your expense. Blue instead empowers users by providing them this information. In terms of enterprise users, companies can hop on the Blue platform to reach customers in a way through proximity marketing. Early in our development, we experimented with proximity marketing by placing low-energy Bluetooth beacons around the South by South West Festival in Austin, TX, which brought more than 160,000 visitors to our site. The power of this type of marketing comes from maximizing opportunities in real life from companies reaching out to those nearby, offering people subscriptions and sales discounts directly through notifications that are received when people walk by the storefront or come near our beacon technology.

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All of these features make us much more than a business card. We imagine our technology as a natural progression of these tools since we are the only social site that takes what would normally be online exchanges, and brings them into the real world. Whether people are connecting, businesses reaching more of their customers, or enterprises updating their networking game throughout their organizations- our features can help evolve your marketing strategies and leverage our cool technology to make the best first impression.

There are other similar “smart” companies, but they generally only offer an NFC device. Additionally, we are not against continuing to use your traditional marketing methods when engaging with particular demographics that may not be so tech-savvy or up to date on how to best utilize their smart devices. Instead, you can use both as you can market our product as a new and  cool digital solution. Our combination of products is what makes us a platform and much more than a way to exchange information. The New Way to Network goes beyond just sharing the best business card app, but a new way to connect altogether.