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We have the best business cards online for sale! Today, they are recognized as the better alternative to traditional networking tools, where you can easily store and share all your information with a quick tap on a smart device. Our Blue Smart Card allows you to network easily, similar to that of a traditional option, however, what makes us different is our ability to provide a contactless avenue, allowing you to maximize social opportunity everywhere you go. The best part about our product is that there is no limit to who and what you can reach when paired with the Blue Social app. Our products derive from the simple idea of smart technology which require the use of both NFC and BLE. We have created a solution to a problem we often encounter in networking scenarios all the time as owners or employees through the ease of use of our product in a way that its simple use will break the ice. Our smart product will trigger a link to your personalized Blue profile when tapped against a smartphone or device you can tap “Add to Contacts” and instantly be added to the phone’s contacts. You have unlimited taps, unlimited links, while always keeping your prospects with the most updated information.

 Besides that, what better way than to become an early adopter for smart technology that has long existed, but yet to be normalized. The futuristic take on our product allows for anything to be possible from connecting to both people and entities. Through this, we want to welcome you to the New Way to Network™ as our product integrates our patented Auto-Networking™ technology that will allow you to enter the Blue Social Platform, a differentiated network made to make networking easy all in one place.


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Designing or even looking for a traditional networking tool is not always an easy task. Depending on your personal needs and or design preferences, this can take a while to craft or even purchase. You go from looking for a designer, printing shop, or even if it’s a virtual option, they all have so many precedent steps that it becomes one of the many reasons people dread this process. At Blue, we want to minimize those steps by providing a one-time solution with our digital smart alternative that has a sleek design to get rid of your design problems. Our product is constructed with durable transparent plastic that not only will replace the need to constantly order more networking tools, but it is sure to give your prospects and colleagues a lasting impression every time! Begin to create a meaningful and unique networking experience with everyone you meet no matter where you go. 

We understand that traditional networking tools are still a need in today’s society as networking becomes the prime form of both communication and lead captures from employers to owners promoting their businesses. However, 88% of cards are thrown out a week after they’re exchanged thus, lowering your chances of getting that job, creating a meaningful connection with a recruiter, or even losing a potential customer. So would you consider that the most effective way to make valuable connections? Probably not, therefore we want to provide a way where all your contacts will be single-handedly shared through a single tap which can ensure people will save your information on their phones. Through our product, we want to provide you the perfect tool for the professional on-the-go so you never miss an opportunity. We ensure you maximize social opportunity and actually capture all connections possible by allowing you to use all your time to make those valuable connections.

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Networking options for businesses are still being printed out every day despite 8-9 billion cards being tossed away yearly. However, a company’s sales still increase by 2.5% for every 2,000 traditional networking sheets handed out, meaning they are still essential for growth on all avenues. The best part about our electronic product is that it can be used for any personal individual and or personal company, as we offer custom options, thus our product can help for the promotion of your organization everywhere you go! Oftentimes we forget that these networking tools are used for other reasons past individual use. For corporations specifically, our product would be a great fit as you can attach as many links as possible. Links that would not be able to fit on traditional paper due to space constraints, however with our product you can attach everything from social media links, locations, phone numbers, and even payment methods. All while being able to foster an even stronger connection with potential customers. As organizations look to expand their capabilities and adapt to the new technological age, you should consider choosing the best business card to never lose a potential customer. Not only that but with our product, you will be able to track real-time analytics that will help you see the success of the shares when you connect with people. You can see how many clicks each link receives which is guaranteed access to data that companies often pay hundreds of dollars for. At Blue, we pride ourselves in basing our network based solely on decentralization as we believe that you are the owner of your own data, giving that power back to the people. Promote your business with Blue today!

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The technology we use in our product has existed for so long, yet it is now being introduced in a way that allows for multi-purpose use. At this point, our founders at Blue saw this as an opportunity for an untapped market that was ready to explode. Through this, revolutionizing the networking industry as a whole. We are here to not only change the industry but also, provide a cool solution for all you avid networkers out there. We all know that in this time and day, networking is an essential factor not only to develop your career, but also to guide your organization, make new friends, and much more. As social beings, we are inclined to network, and what better way to do it than with the latest technology. Through this, guaranteeing that you secure sharing your information in both a fast and easy manner. However, this idea goes farther than that, as our goal to power into the Fourth Industrial Revolution is right behind this concept as we gear towards peer to peer networking through our Auto-Networking tech.

The Internet of Things becomes part of this idea of smart things connecting to one another and applies this principle to aspects of everyday life, such as in the areas of transportation, ticketing, events, and access to governmental service. Our product could one day evolve to be a solution to all of these issues, as our app-based platform can grow to include a number of apps that make up the Blue platform, that you can then exchange with others whether that is person to person, person to a smart device, or public entities to customers. The New Way to Network™ is much more than just sharing information through a networking tool, but a new way to connect altogether. Through this, we hope to revolutionize an old-fashioned industry that has been dependent on traditional networking, however with our product leveling up companies, universities, and any public entity way of networking to provide seamless interactions.

Our product sold through our eCommerce platform delivers valuable benefits. It not only reinvents the networking tool industry but also connects you to a new world of possibilities through our groundbreaking Blue app. Tens of thousands of people have already purchased our product and we’re just getting started! Purchase the best networking tool today!