Introduce yourself to others in person with the Blue Social App.

It's simple, easy and safe.

How about an intro?

Blue Social App helps introduce yourself to other people nearby. It removes common barriers so that it’s easy to meet new friends or business contacts in real life.

Blue Social App will connect you to a digital network of people who – just like you – wish to introduce themselves to new friends or business contacts. Anyone on the Blue Network within 150 feet of you will show up on your Blue Social App.

To get started, all you have to do is:

  • Create your own virtual identity in Blue Social App, branding yourself the way you want others to see you. Include things that help people see who you are, such as your photo, contact details, social channels and web links.
  • Turn on Auto Networking mode to meet people within 150 feet who are also the network
  • Tap to view their profile and, if you’d like an introduction, ping them!
  • If they accept (after viewing your profile), start a conversation in person.

Enhance Your Intro With a Blue Smart Device

You can also synchronise your Blue Social App with a Blue Smart Card or Blue Smart Button. Then use a smart card or button to share your profile with someone on their smartphone who doesn’t use the app.

Businesses are already using Blue Social App to:

  • Enhance networking at industry events
  • Generate leads for their company
  • Improve recruiting
  • Present a positive face to the world

People are using Blue App to:

  • Make new friends at parties
  • Introduce themselves to students at college
  • Create a world of friends in the real world

Blue Social App is backed by cutting-edge technology that is fast, safe, and secure.

Our additional smart card and smart buttons also make it easy to share your profile with people who are not on the Blue App network.

Backed by Leading Edge Technology: Powered By Blue

The power of Blue is in our proprietary Auto-Networking technology, which will connect you with others who also would like an introduction. It uses Bluetooth Low-Energy rather than GPS, so it won’t drain your battery.

Auto Networking connects you to any other Blue Smart Device and Beacon Technology to enhance your experience with the Internet of Things (IoT). It also helps people and organizations to combine their physical and digital social worlds for an overall enhanced social experience.

Auto Networking is safe because it uses the latest encryption technology to protect your privacy.

Our software helps preserve authentic social interactions in real-time and has many applications through software and mobile application platforms.

blue social

Create your virtual identity from within Blue Social App

Create a virtual identity in Blue Social App to share with others as you network and make new contacts.

Setting up a profile the way you like in the Blue Social App is easy. Include your photo, contact details, social channels and web links to create your virtual identity.

Safely share your details by tapping your phone on the smartphone of another person who’s running Blue Social App. Or synchronise Blue Social App with a Blue Smart Card or Blue Smart Button. Tap the card to share your details with another person who is not running the app.

Building a world of friends or business contacts in person has never been easier

Gone are the days of working out who best to introduce yourself and then having to make that first, awkward contact. And then exchanging physical information.

Blue Social App Plus simplifies this with an exclusive networking mode that makes everything easy. After turning it on, others on the Blue Network within 150 feet will see your virtual name tag. And you’ll see theirs.

Blue’s Auto Networking will then start introducing your Blue Virtual Identity to others sharing your physical space. And start presenting social opportunities to help you connect with others also on the Blue network.

It’s a simple, fast and safe way to build a world of friends and business contacts.

So, let’s be social. Let Blue Introduce You™

Grow your enterprise with Blue Social App?

Blue Social App is a powerful enterprise networking tool that beams your profile to people within 150 feet. Anyone with a Blue Smart card or Blue Smart Button will see your image and – with a tap – see your profile.

Your profile will be something that you’ve set up. So, they’ll see your brand how you want them to see it. And you can change it on the go too.

Blue Social App is ideal for conferences and networking, it makes it easier to find and connect with the right people to build up your business network.

Blue’s IP Patented proprietary Auto-Networking technology with the latest encryption codes help you connect safely. But your network contacts do not need this app when using the tag as a smart, contactless business card.

Why Blue Social App?

Research shows that we were made to connect with others in person. This is part of what makes us human.

Yet many things today are making this hard:

  • Social media might connect us in the digital world – but it’s taking us away from the physical world – making us less social
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has, understandably, made it harder to remain connected in the physical world
  • A lot of us find it hard to break the ice and introduce ourselves to someone we’d like to meet for the first time

This results in a world with more loneliness and isolation. Where people are suffering because they can’t enjoy the company of others. Even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we love technology, we think it can be doing more to bring people together. So that people can connect in person through meaningful, authentic relationships. Social and business.

Blue makes it simple, easy and safe to introduce yourself to people you cross paths with in real life.