Fighting for social justice issues and the liberation of black lives is a continuous learning journey, not just a one-time tweet. We understand the current climate as this is not a political issue rather than a human rights issue. We will continue to advocate for justice alongside you and hope you join us as we continue to build stronger communities across the globe through technology.


Limited Edition- Blue SMART Buttons

As a company, it is our responsibility to stand in solidarity with the Black and Brown community. We are a family owned tech start-up company based in Southern California known for advancing technology for social good. In support of empowering social change, we have decided to begin a campaign and reach out to partners across multiple industries to encourage organizations and individuals to continue to raise awareness about the racial injustices that continue happening next to the Black Lives Matter movement. We match your purchase with a donation to the cause!

*Only 2,500 available worldwide*

Our Technology: Connect on-the-Go

The Blue Smart Button is a reprogrammable SMART Device that sticks directly to your phone making it easy to stay connected to people you meet on-the-go. Easily Share your social networks and any other information with a SIMPLE TAP. The best part, we have created a seamless experience for all our users to easily program and manage their information on their Blue Smart Button through our Blue Social App. The Blue Smart Button uses Blue’s Technology with NO APP REQUIRED to scan. NFC Technology is available on all the newest Smartphones!

What if someone has an outdated phone?

Your Blue Profile connected to your Blue SMART Business Card has a QR code in case you meet someone new who doesn’t have Near Field Communication on their phone. Simply tap your custom QR code and have them scan with their regular phone camera.

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Limited Edition!

*Only 2,500 available worldwide*

We are releasing limited edition designs of our Blue Smart Button. Designed to build awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement. For every Blue Smart Button sold, we will match the price with a donation to the cause. Our founders decided to leave it up to our community of Blue Social Affiliates to vote on what organization we give our donation too. For the month of September, our community decided they wanted us to donate to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Are you a for Profit/Non-profit organization looking for ways to actively participate?

Empowering Communities through Technology

At Blue, we recognize that as a community we are stronger together, that is the only way to drive change. By using the latest technology for your activism efforts, we not only empower our communities but create a ripple effect that will shape the world into a better place. 

With the Blue Smart Buttons, you are able to program and compact all information needed from social media platforms to resources in PDF format during activism and public demonstrations to easily spread updated real-time information! Sharing information this fast has never been easier. 

Your Supporters and Activists DO NOT need an app to receive the information, making your organization’s efforts much more effective. 

Make a change with smart technology!

Help Fuel the Black Lives Matter Fight For Justice

We encourage you to continue to donate to the ongoing fight for justice to the NAACP.  Being one of the long with-standing organizations, they remain at the forefront of the movement to ensure the well-being of our communities. Your donation to the NAACP LDF helps further their mission to ensure change through litigation, advocacy, and public education. LDF seeks structural changes to expand democracy, eliminate disparities, and achieve racial justice in a society that fulfills the promise of equality for all Americans.

Black Lives Still Matter

As a platform that uses our technology to advocate for real in-person interactions, a huge part of our community-building is listening, something that everyone in the world could do a little more everyday. Here at Blue, we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone feels safe to express their true authentic self without fear of being treated unfairly because of their differences, that is why we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement.

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