Looking For the Best Smart Device? We Have the Solution

Looking for the best smart device? We have the solution for you. Welcome to Blue! Both a product and software that allows you to maximize social opportunities everywhere you go, no matter the circumstance, from our Blue Social App with proper smart integration to our line of wearables tech we want to make sure that you have it all. At Blue, our entire vision derives from using technology to fulfill our goal to give anyone the ability to connect with anyone and anything. The whole idea behind Blue comes from the subject of the Internet of Things as we aim to connect you to every public entity. We understand that mobile-use will only increase by the day as we progress to a more interconnected world, therefore implement our mission to use technology for social good. Our goal is to build a world of friends along with a safe marketplace where you can interact with not only people but businesses through our industry leading beacons. Offering you, an effective solution for networking on all avenues in order to effectively maximize social opportunities while providing a seamless experience.

We Have the Best Smart Devices

Our vision has always been to go past that idea and create a network where individuals can interact with smartphones, but also public entities as well. We do this through the use of our beacons which proved to be successful at one of the biggest conferences worldwide, SXSW. We drove traffic to our website in an insanely short amount of time that within 10 days we had over 20,000 website visits and in 6 months over 150,000 visits. Besides that, we can see the growth that lays within the simple use of these beacons. They are so little, yet so powerful as they carry the ability to connect your mobile to apps, Internet applications, and much more. When they garner this connection, such technology allows it to personalize messaging and content received from simple vicinity data and preferences. The power vested in these low-cost transmitters shows you the impact it can have in any industry if used appropriately. From being in place at some retail locations, beacons have proven their success.

Best Buy has been one of the retail locations to go out in full effect. Their beacon use evolves from the idea to deliver a personalized customer experience as they offer rewards and discounts to anyone who steps in. These are just some of the examples of how beacons can elevate your customers’ personal journey whether it is navigating your store or looking to make an informed purchase, the possibilities are endless. Our vision has always been to go past that idea and create a network where individuals can interact with public entities as well. We do this through the use of beacons which proved to be successful at one of the biggest conferences worldwide, and many more beacon case studies from any industry. It’s clear that we had seen the potential far ahead of its time which is one of the many reasons we aim to power the Blue Market Platform with beacons.

As a company that uses tech for social good, wearable tech has been part of our IoT vision as we look to provide a line of wearable tech that will allow you to share your socials with the best smart device. The future of Blue with wearable tech begins as we acknowledge the growing industry of wearable tech and its powerful impact in society. As we expand past our goal of creating genuine interactions in person with one another, we want to provide you the opportunity to also connect with entities and businesses around you. We are at that point where we are reaching a little bit past the Fourth industrial Revolution where technology is embedded into our lives daily. From smart wearables to homes, cars, and things everywhere, they are looking to connect and interact with us past our regular use. We created Blue to make your life more enjoyable as you breeze by your daily life and interact with innovative tools around you through your wearable tech. Through the Blue app, we hope to achieve an effortless bridge between you and all the high tech around you to reach the ultimate vision of IoT. Our goal is for you to maximize social opportunity everywhere you go, whether it be connecting with others through your Blue popsocket or your wearable tech Blue ring.

Proper Smart Device Integration

The Blue Social App uses proper integration as the app works innovatively with a smartphone to hone into the power of BLE to connect with others. It allows you to use your personal smartphone to use technology to discover those around you in real-life. The Blue Social app allows you to link all your socials which include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Spotify, personal websites, contact information, and much more! The Blue profile serves as a compilation of all your information so it is not only all easily stored in one place, but also, easily shareable as the other person does not need to have the app to get your information. You can share your information with our product if you prefer a more tangible version of a networking tool, or on our App, we provide you with a personalized QR code, the ability to share it through Airdrop if you have an iPhone and or SMS for Androids. All while making it convenient for you to network anytime without dreading the awkward encounter of spelling out your username for all social media platforms. Not only can you share your information with simple technology, but you can also discover people around you in real-life through our proprietary Auto-Networking™ technology. The Blue Social app paired with our product becomes that power couple you look up to. It has the ability to solve all your needs with simplicity and cutting edge technology. By revolutionizing the social networking industry, we have provided a new way to network – reinventing the name tag that can easily introduce you to the world. Join us as we use innovation to increase our real-life social interactions while maximizing social opportunities everywhere we go.

Our product also takes part in proper integration as they become a more tangible product rather than virtual. You can instantly share social media networks, contact information, payment information, and weblinks with a simple tap of our product. The best part about our product, is that you can share with absolutely anyone regardless of whether they have the app or not. Your ability to share contact information has never been easier, all while you retain ownership of your data by maintaining access to real-time analytics on clicks and profile views. Our use of NFC tech allows for an ease of use that as soon as you tap a mobile phone, it will instantly trigger a link to your personal Blue profile, allowing you to quickly add to your contacts. We are known to have the world’s best smart business card, only needing from your personal mobile device to work the magic Your one-time solution is here to dissolve any of your networking worries. 

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