The Best Proximity Marketing Is Made Possible By Our Invention

The Best Proximity Marketing is made available to you by our invention through beacon technology to facilitate campaigns that are driven to enhance customer experiences. We at Blue are one of the few who focus on using such technology to help foster our vision of a Blue Market Network. We aim to make it safe to be discoverable while providing opportunities and secure transactions among multiple users and applications. Ultimately, it will use Bluetooth as a Service Software to focus action around longer-term projects, not just a quick transaction, and promotes Blue as a differentiated Network, helping build long-term partnerships. Our goal is to make effective use of the Blue Network through a powerful beacon & NFC platform integrated with best-in-class beacons & NFC tags to help you create compelling locality-based advertising campaigns. Through this, we can build a smart future, as we recognize the rise of beacon technology in every facet of the world. The ways such a strategy can be used are endless as it can be applied from retail businesses, restaurants, schools, museums, for real estate purposes, and even cities as a whole. Therefore, leading us to be one of the first companies to lead a future of beacon technology and smart devices through IoT to enhance the world experiences by only permission-based interactions. Let Blue Power the future!

Proximity-Based marketing has been a new way to market to those within range of your business through the use of Bluetooth and WiFi technology. With the increase in smart devices and the Internet of Things, it is only smart to adapt to your consumers by providing a more accessible way for them to reach your content. What better way than to do it through their mobile phones in which marketers can target those users that are both nearby and ready to make a purchase. According to the International Telecommunications Union, the number of active mobile- broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants continues to grow strongly, with an 18.4 percent year-on-year growth. Only to further prove that more than half of the world owns a mobile phone as seen in the figure.

Although many companies have been reluctant to use this as a successful strategy, Blue has been one of the few to envision a future of a Blue Market Network to maximize opportunity through the effective use of the Internet of Things. Thus, becoming the new way to market to your consumers by maximizing opportunity through the power of harnessing smart technology with enticeful messaging. Join Blue today and see how your business can benefit from strategic messaging based on locality through Bluetooth beacon technology.

Marketing Through Proximity

To keep it simple, proximity-based technologies are all about targeting your consumers at the right time and the right place with personalized messages. However, to truly understand you must go past the surface level understanding.

It uses mobile technology to send personalized advertisements to target potential customers within close vicinity to your business. The market is composed of users using WiFi and or Bluetooth signals to receive digital messages in hopes of connecting with consumers. This facilitates the reach your business can get without having the need for a mobile app. Although your audience is limited to only those users, due to the closeness and user-friendly message, it makes it more likely that a potential consumer will step into your business as opposed to a business that is out of reach. Regardless of the outcome, it is helpful for your business as it facilitates brand awareness, which in the long run they can be considered as a potential customer. Although the term was not coined until 2008, it can be seen today how extremely useful this type of beacon technology would be for businesses.

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This strategic form of messaging involves multiple technologies which include QR codes, WiFi, NFC (Near-Field Communication), Geofencing, and or Bluetooth Low Energy beacon. However, the smart technology that creates this magic comes from a beacon, a small radio Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter. The whole process relies on setting up a Bluetooth enabled mobile device at a specific spot within the range of the beacon and passing information in the form of text, images, or video. All of which according to Medium, “The one-way signals then interact with a mobile application installed on the device and trigger specific actions, such as location-based notifications.” This journey ends with the consumer receiving the information which can range with special deals for the day, a new product in the stock, best-seller product information, feedback and or just a simple greeting. Nevertheless, beacon technology goes deeper than just placing them strategically around locations. Although they may seem intricate at first, they are broken down into three simple parts: a central processing unit (CPU), batteries and a radio.  Each beacon has a unique ID composed of different numbers and letters and that specific identifying information is broadcasted through Bluetooth multiple times every second.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Proximity-Based Marketing

Another characteristic that should be known about this beacon technology is that they are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This is key information as it does not become a problem for the beacon or the users’ phone as the beacons are powered to save the most energy, thus meaning you save batteries in the long-run. To help you understand a little better, let us show an example. “If a popular retailer installed beacons at the entrance of their store, they could showcase relevant sales information for a particular season; the Unique ID is transmitted from the beacon wouldn’t change, but the content that the app delivers (based on the season) would.” This is a technology that although ignited its power in 2013 through the introduction of Apple’s iBeacon, today can be used to benefit your business in every way. Blue has been one of the only companies to envision a future with such smart technologies involving all around Near Field Communication(NFC), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and beacon technology, all technologies used for the best proximity marketing, to build a safe marketplace in which you create ambient networking within your vicinity. Many businesses ranging from retail, restaurants, hospitality, and any business that has a fixed location can benefit from such a strategy, yet only so little are implementing it. Blue is one of the few who have been able to build a future through the Internet of Things to secure a network and facilitate transactions among those around you. Here is a list as to why you should consider this as a strategy for your business:


Imagine this is just as of 2018, you can only imagine how much more that number has increased as of today. It is only strategic to take advantage of this tool that is already embedded in the millions of phones. Although the statistics of how many mobile users have their Bluetooth on varies, it is important to note that through this targeted strategy, you would be reaching customers who due to their close vicinity would have a higher interest in exploring your business.

2. Transform Your In Store Experience

Having such beacon technology strategically placed around your business is proven to improve your customer’s experience. According to the top global accounting firm, PWC, this strategy is all about delivering personalized messages, at the right time and right place which can overall enhance your business or company’s consumer engagement strategy. The figure above demonstrates how effective this strategy can be for your consumers by guiding their in-store experiences through mapping, in-store discounts, and building brand loyalty. Aside from that, it provides analytics that is of value to your business to better get to know who your consumers are. Besides that, statistics prove that consumers are willing to use mobile technologies to enhance their shopping experiences.

3. Click-Through Rate is Higher Through Beacons Than Any Other Platforms

Click-through rate is a metric that is used on all adverts to measure the success of your campaign. At times, businesses tend to struggle with this for many reasons, however, one of the great benefits of launching campaigns through beacon technology comes from how strategically it is placed. This increases the rate of customers who are more likely to open your ads as opposed to any other platforms. Therefore, if followed correctly according to the standards of the location, strategy, business type, and schedule of the campaign is what will determine the success of your campaign. It can be seen that on average, beacon ads have a higher click-through rate compared to other advertisements.

4. Beacons Have A Great ROI

Although such a strategy uses multiple technologies, it’s the most successful application has been through beacons. This strategy deems to be the most affordable as they range between $5 and $30, for example. Prices differ due to the beacon signal range, types of batteries used, typical battery life (which can be several years), and other factors. Due to their smart Bluetooth Low Energy use, their battery life tends to be that of 2 years, however, that also depends on the type of beacon. They also are very accessible and user-friendly which means there is no need to hire any technical help.

5. Increased Mobile Application Engagement

Lastly, because of the way this strategy works, its journey often leads to downloads for the app related to the business. However, often customers download the app and forget to use it. Therefore, it becomes a way to remind your consumers to engage and use the app. Some businesses have already seen as much as a 400% increase in mobile application engagement. Through this, your business can benefit from showing the usefulness of your app by reminding them every time they step in the store to collect their rewards for the day, as an example.

Far from just simply connecting people to people with their smart devices through NFC & BLE technology, we want to provide a channel in which anyone can interact with your business from close nearness without even having to enter your store, now think about that!  Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are here to stay. To fully maximize the potential of your business, the Blue beacons are the solution to truly enhance your customer experience. From small businesses to larger corporations that have retailers all over the world, the Blue beacons are worth the investment as you strive to become a leader in your industry. By providing a differentiated experience where you have multiple touchpoints with your customers, you are bound to strengthen your relationship with every customer that enters your door. We have the best-in-class beacons to ensure you both offer and deliver personalized messaging in the most interactive way. 

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