An Opportunity to build a world of friends

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Imagine a world of friends… A world where everybody knows your name. A world where social opportunities are endless.

It blows my mind how we can live in an over-populated world and yet people still feel lonely. Although people are constantly “connected” through cell phones and social media, loneliness is more of an issue than ever. According to researchers 1 in 5 people suffer from loneliness in the U.S.

Oprah says the cure is to put down your smartphone and just say Hello to someone instead. Saying hello and smiling is easy to do… but for some reason it’s hard for many of us.

Which is why we created Blue – Your Digital Name Tag, a mobile app that introduces you up to 150 feet using Bluetooth Low Energy. We believe that reinventing the name tag is our greatest opportunity to maximize social opportunity.

Since many say smartphones are the problem, we took the problem and made it into a networking tool for you to use to connect with everyone, everywhere, anywhere and anytime. We empower people to #BeSocial once they have been introduced through Blue.

Together, we can build a world of friends but I need your help! We will be launching Blue soon at Major Universities and colleges across the nation and need students to try it out beforehand.

If you would like to become one of our BETA testers for Blue and provide feedback, enter your email in the form below.

Let’s build a world of friends.

CEO, Jose Montero