Blue Social

Connecting a world of people.

Revolutionizing the way we network, socialize and stay connected with one another – we are combining our physical and digital social worlds, encouraging more human interactions to maximize business and social opportunities.

Blue Social

Connecting a world of people.

Revolutionizing the way we network, socialize and stay connected with one another – we are combining our physical and digital social worlds, encouraging more human interactions to maximize business and social opportunities.

Our Story of Blue Social

It was 2015 when our CEO, Jose Montero, first noticed a fundamental issue with society today – everyone is glued to their smartphones socializing online rather than introducing themselves to those around – it was that moment when the idea of Blue was born.

The next step was turning our vision into reality. Creating technology that’s extremely diverse, with multiple functionalities, is never an easy fate. Our first move was developing our Blue Social App to integrate our Auto-Networking™ technology – the aim? Increasing in person interaction whilst enhancing the ability to connect and network on today’s most widely used online platforms.

After successfully launching the App on both IOS and Android, opportunities began to arise within the events industry. It was instantly evident the huge value our technology can deliver to enhance the overall event experience.

2019 was the year to release our hottest innovation yet, the Blue Smart Card. Synchronized with our App, this product revolutionized the way that we exchange information with each other. This powerful product is the future of networking.

Our number one priority remains advancing technology for human interactions 

Blue Social's Mission

Aim? Provide a much-needed change to the culture behind the way we network


Why? To change the reality that we are becoming increasingly disconnected with others in real life.


Goal? Encourage more human interaction to form authentic connections with those around us.


Result? Bring communities closer together and empower individuals

We don't place enough value on interacting with others in person

We tend to undervalue in-person interactions, which are important in helping us feel connected and less lonely. A recent study found that 87 percent of millennials admitted to missing out on a conversation with someone nearby because they were distracted by their phone.

And do business cards really help us stay connected to people we meet? Everywhere we go, it seems we can’t operate without business cards. We might even feel a need to make excuses if we don’t have a business card to hand out.

And yet, printing billions of business cards is environmentally harmful, wasteful and unnecessary. Millions of trees are cut down to produce the over 27 million business cards that are printed each day. Yet, 88 percent of cards handed out get thrown away within a week!

In today’s technology-driven world, business cards should be a thing of the past.

What if technology could bring together the digital and physical worlds?

At Blue, our logo says it all! Imagine that as soon as you arrive at a college class, party or networking event, everybody suddenly knows your name and something about you. That’s the power of Blue – your virtual name tag that brings together the digital and physical worlds!

Technology is everywhere. Most of us rely on the Internet to shop, seek information and stay “connected” with people around the world. But what about meeting people around you in real life?

We believe in using technology for social good. Technology has made it harder to meet people in a crowded room or simply connect with someone close by. We go to social events and often leave feeling like we really didn’t “meet” anyone or make any meaningful connections.

But, if social interactions offline are necessary to feel less lonely, how do we get people to connect in person with others around them? The answer is Blue.

A Mobile App and Smart Business Card For The Modern Age

At Blue, we believe reinventing the name tag is our greatest opportunity to maximize social opportunity. Using Bluetooth Low Energy and Near Field Communication, we help connect you with people nearby on existing social media networks and more.

Blue uses cutting-edge technology to reinvent the business card. The Blue Smart Card allows you to instantly share your social information with just one tap. And best of all, the other person doesn’t need the Blue app to receive your information and add you to their contacts!

The Blue Smart Card works on most Android and newer iPhones that are NFC compatible. It’s a great conversation starter and leaves a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Use our mobile app to activate your Blue Smart Card on the go!

The best part of Blue is our mobile app that uses our Bluetooth Auto-Networking™ technology that introduces you to people you cross paths with in real-life and encourages users to be social in person.

You simply turn on Blue, slide your phone back in your pocket and as soon as you cross paths with another user in REAL-LIFE, you’ll receive a notification!

It’s that easy. We call it ambient networking – our vision to ultimately build a world of friends wherever you go.

Our Values

Our company values fall into three pillars of virtue that ensure the company is always creating unity and bringing together communities in all its development, employees, and company culture.


There is only ONE YOU in the whole world. There has never been a you in the past nor will there ever be another you in the future. The value to our users is our 1st priority. We encourage you to express yourself, be of good character, respect the safe space, show your individuality and be proud. Serving the needs of our users is the most effective way to maximize the benefits of all our stakeholders. BE YOU.


Be authentic. To encourage others to build authentic relationships founded on trust, integrity and honesty. To embrace individuality and communicate openly. To encourage face to face interaction and let Blue Social help you connect and break the ice.


Human Connection​

Every day we meet new people, every day a stranger can become a new friend, every day we make acquaintances, but life moves too fast. Sometimes we forget to exchange numbers or in these days social networks. Don’t lose out on an opportunity to meet someone new or stay connected when you have Blue Embrace your connections and make the most of your future. Put on your virtual name tag and Let Blue introduce you to the world of friends around you. BE SOCIAL.



Be of Integrity. As humankind it is important to be honest with each other and have unity within and between communities. United and Undivided.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Jose Montero, CEO

Jose is the visionary driving force of Blue, a Martin Luther King High School graduate and former Riverside Community College student. Jose has sales and leadership experience as a Personal Training Sales Manager with L.A. Fitness and Multi-Level-Marketing. He was 7th in the nation for weekend sales at L.A. Fitness. He is an avid reader and self-taught learner and started his first business at age 18. In 2012, Jose made a YouTube video that went viral garnering over 300,000 views within a few months. He’s a growth hacker, digital marketer, and has an eye for design. Jose is a Draper University Graduate – Hero Training Entrepreneurship Program, and is Co-Founder, CEO and President of Blue.

Christen Montero, Co-Founder

Christen is a graduate from University of Redlands, Johnston Program who specializes in human behavior, product positioning, user experience and consciousness with a B.A. in Holistic Study of the Mind, Metaphysics, Marketing and Education. Her in-depth understanding of human behavior from a neurological, psychological, and philosophical discipline has been a large contribution to her achievements in Tech, Fashion and the non-profit sectors. She completed her Master’s degree at age 24  (MBA) with a concentration in Strategy and Consulting. Christen has over 10 years’ experience helping to execute a variety of event marketing campaigns and account management for companies such as Google, Xbox, Coca-Cola, CitiBank, Samsung, Maybelline, Lexus, Ciroc and more.

Mario Contreras, Chief Product Development Officer

Mario has eight years UI-UX (User Interface-User Experience) design experience that includes design work for Nissan, Infiniti, Toshiba, Honda, and Snapchat. Mario loves to design with simplicity and usability in mind, nicely blended with beautiful and modern aesthetics to result in an efficient and sharp pixel perfect interface. He believes the focus is the number one priority when it comes to design.

Jose Montero Sr., COO/CFO

has 37-years’ experience across multiple industries, with roles that include General Manager, Division Marketing Manager, Product Development Manager, Plant Manager, Director of Operations, CEO Coach and Management Consultant. At age 23 Jose Sr. founded his first business – a vertically integrated multi-state retail products and services company that flourished for 12 years. Jose has spent half his career as an entrepreneur and half in corporate. He was formerly with one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers overseeing manufacturing and construction activities on capital projects. Jose is a Lean/Six-Sigma Master Black Belt, Change Management specialist and Performance Improvement guru. He earned Engineering and Management degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Sloan School of Management, and a Masters in Management from Claremont Graduate University Peter F. Drucker School of Management. Jose Sr. is COO, CFO and Chairman of the Board.