About Blue

Building a World of Friends

Through Blue’s Auto-Networking™ Technology, We have reinvented the name tag and how people virtually identify online. We introduce individuals to the world around them to help maximize social opportunities. Prioritizing the needs of our users first to maximize social opportunity for Everyone, Everywhere, Anywhere, Anytime (EEAA!).

We Aspire

Our vision is to connect people to the internet of things (IoT) by combining the physical and digital social worlds using Blue’s Technology while working to preserve authentic social interactions in real-time. We help build closer communities around the globe while developing smart wearables and helping to connect businesses and people.

Digitally More Connected than Ever Before, but Socially What’s Happening?

There has been a loss of human interaction caused by technology advancement which has had a negative impact on human social behaviors. More people are becoming anti-social and glued to their phones more than ever before. The lack of individuals being consciously present during their day causes our social culture to be less friendly leading to more and more people feeling lonely despite the hundreds of followers and strangers crossing their path every day.

Human Connection Matters

We have made it our mission to advance technology with the intention of having a positive social impact culturally and socially while being conscious of the impact on the individual and/or community. At Blue, we encourage in-person social interactions while simultaneously assisting with social introductions and opportunities to stay digitally connected to people with whom you socialize.

There are too many lonely people in an over-populated world. Studies have shown that one out of five people feel lonely. With over 2 billion people on social media, loneliness among young people is increasing due to technology and the “disconnect” of what’s real. We all have these social networks but how much time in our lives are we REALLY spending to get to know the people around us. We are becoming digitally connected more than ever yet we are becoming less social. How often do you approach someone you don’t know? How often do you approach someone you don’t know?

Blue's Mission

To change the culture in the way we network so that users on social media engage in in-person social behavior after they have been introduced to each other on Blue. Helping to build a world full of friends by amplifying social networking and making it easy for users to form authentic connections with others around them is what Blue aims to do. Encouraging more human connection through social interaction to build a global world of friends.

Our Values

Our company values fall into three pillars of virtue that ensure the company is always creating unity and bringing together communities in all its development, employees, and company culture.
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There is only ONE YOU in the whole world. There has never been a you in the past nor will there ever be another you in the future. The value to our users is our 1st priority. We encourage you to express yourself, be of good character, respect the safe space, show your individuality and be proud. Serving the needs of our users is the most effective way to maximize the benefits of all our stakeholders. BE YOU.
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Be Authentic. To encourage others to build authentic relationships founded on trust, integrity and honesty. To embrace individuality and communicate openly. To encourage face to face interaction and let Blue help you connect and break the ice. KEEP IT REAL.
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Human Connection​

Every day we meet new people, every day a stranger can become a new friend, every day we make acquaintances, but life moves too fast. Sometimes we forget to exchange numbers or in these days social networks. Don’t lose out on an opportunity to meet someone new or stay connected when you have Blue Embrace your connections and make the most of your future. Put on your virtual name tag and Let Blue introduce you to the world of friends around you. BE SOCIAL.



Be of Integrity. As humankind it is important to be honest with each other and have unity within and between communities.  United and Undivided.

Our Story- Building a World of Friends

In 2015 while on a college campus our CEO realized many of his peers were glued to their smart phones socializing online instead of introducing themselves to the people around them. A feeling of loneliness can occur even when you have hundreds of followers. An important piece of being human is having human connection. Although we have continued to advance technology towards automation and robotics, human connection still matters. Blue was first conceived by our visionary leader CEO, Jose Montero and later established with the help of our first investor, his father, Jose Montero Sr. CFO/COO and sister, Christen Montero, Chief Marketing Officer in 2016. As a Latino and Filipino owned tech start-up, we strive to advance technology with human interaction as the number one priority while continuing to advance our Auto-Networking™ technology.

With multiple use applications for the technology, we first integrated Auto-Networking™  into our Blue Social App. Created to enhance real-time in-person interaction while enhancing the ability to network and connect on today’s most widely used online platforms. Although we have become more digitally connected than ever before, we have also become increasingly disconnected in real life. Why not develop technology while considering the impact on the human mind and communities? We believe we can bring communities closer together and develop products that empower individuals and the global community. Using our Auto-NetworkingTM technology, our Networking Mode feature in the Blue Social App allows you to introduce yourself to individuals in proximity up to 150ft.

Disclaimer: Due to recent events our team has decided to temporarily disable our Networking mode feature per physical distancing governance orders. Coming Back soon.

Shortly after releasing our App for both Android and Apple devices, we have had tons of event organizers both professional and collegiate whose main goal is to facilitate connections, reach out to integrate our technology to enhance their event experience. We are reinventing the name tag and how people introduce themselves and stay connected. In 2019 we developed our hottest innovation, a SMART business card, The Blue Smart Card. Designed for you to easily share information quick and simple with NO APP REQUIRED. To empower our users, we integrated our two products, enabling individuals to manage information on their Blue Smart Card in real-time using the Blue Social app.


Our Blue Social App uses proprietary patented technology and is integrated with Bluetooth Low Energy and Smart Devices

The Blue Solution

Together, we believe in creating a new technology that is easily accessible to society through mobile devices. By creating the Blue Social App it creates ubiquitous communities that encourage authentic social connections, individual expression and brings together a unified society by bridging physical and digital social connections.

Blue is working with organizations around the world to help communities become more strongly connected with each other. We are not a world with communities, we are a world of small communities and together we can make a difference. Coming soon to your campus, Blue will be introduced to college students and our Blue Social App has become a number one choice for Greek Life Recruitment. We want to help students become more connected than ever through The Blue Network. Are you ready to be social? Let Blue Introduce You™

Meet Our Co-Founders

Jose Montero, CEO

Jose is the visionary driving force of Blue, a Martin Luther King High School graduate and former Riverside Community College student. Jose has sales and leadership experience as a Personal Training Sales Manager with L.A. Fitness and Multi-Level-Marketing. He was 7th in the nation for weekend sales at L.A. Fitness. He is an avid reader and self-taught learner and started his first business at age 18. In 2012, Jose made a YouTube video that went viral garnering over 300,000 views within a few months. He’s a growth hacker, digital marketer, and has an eye for design. Jose is a Draper University Graduate – Hero Training Entrepreneurship Program, and is Co-Founder, CEO and President of Blue.

Christen Montero, CMO

Christen is a graduate from University of Redlands, Johnston Program who specializes in human behavior, product positioning, user experience and consciousness with a B.A. in Holistic Study of the Mind, Metaphysics, Marketing and Education. Her in-depth understanding of human behavior from a neurological, psychological, and philosophical discipline has been a large contribution to her achievements in Tech, Fashion and the non-profit sectors. She completed her Master’s degree at age 24  (MBA) with a concentration in Strategy and Consulting. Christen has over 10 years’ experience helping to execute a variety of event marketing campaigns and account management for companies such as Google, Xbox, Coca-Cola, CitiBank, Samsung, Maybelline, Lexus, Ciroc and more.

Mario Contreras, Chief Product Development Officer

Mario has eight years UI-UX (User Interface-User Experience) design experience that includes design work for Nissan, Infiniti, Toshiba, Honda, and Snapchat. Mario loves to design with simplicity and usability in mind, nicely blended with beautiful and modern aesthetics to result in an efficient and sharp pixel perfect interface. He believes the focus is the number one priority when it comes to design.

Jose Montero Sr., COO/CFO

has 37-years’ experience across multiple industries, with roles that include General Manager, Division Marketing Manager, Product Development Manager, Plant Manager, Director of Operations, CEO Coach and Management Consultant. At age 23 Jose Sr. founded his first business – a vertically integrated multi-state retail products and services company that flourished for 12 years. Jose has spent half his career as an entrepreneur and half in corporate. He is presently with one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers overseeing manufacturing and construction activities on capital projects. Jose is a Lean/Six-Sigma Master Black Belt, Change Management specialist and Performance Improvement guru. He earned Engineering and Management degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Sloan School of Management, and a Masters in Management from Claremont Graduate University Peter F. Drucker School of Management. Jose Sr. is COO, CFO and Chairman of the Board.