Blue is your Virtual Name Tag.

For the most connected generation that ever existed.

A World of Friends

We believe that reinventing the name tag is our greatest opportunity to maximize social opportunity.

Be Social

We empower users to #BeSocial once they have been introduced through Blue.

Our Story

You’ll notice it when walking around school or waiting in line for an event: almost everyone around you is bent over his or her smartphone. Although people are constantly “connected” through cell phones and social media, loneliness is more of an issue than ever. According to researchers, 1 in 5 people suffer from loneliness in the U.S. Oprah once said “The cure is to put down your smartphone and just say hello to someone.” But for many of us that simple task can seem quite challenging.

It was this challenge that inspired Jose Montero to create Blue, a virtual name tag that connects users via Bluetooth technology. Users turn on the app, slide it back in their pocket and as soon as user’s cross paths in REAL LIFE, they’ll be notified in REAL-TIME.

Blue is a technology company that opens new market space as the first Peer to Peer BluetoothAmbient Social NetworkSocial media and Bluetooth are converging rapidly and there are two new markets emerging to become platforms for next generation apps— social and beacons.

“Fundamentally, Blue exists because introducing yourself  is often the hardest part to the beginning of any friendship,” he said. “Imagine, a mobile app that makes an introduction for you up to 150 feet using Bluetooth technology — that’s Blue, your Virtual Name Tag.”

“We believe that reinventing the name tag is our greatest opportunity to maximize social opportunities by empowering users to Be Social once they have been introduced through Blue, ultimately building a World of Friends wherever they walk.”

Jose worked on Blue with a team of individuals at his home in Riverside. In 2016, they were top ten finalist in the Tech Coast Angels Fast Pitch Competition. The following year in 2017, Blue competed in Riverside's Innovation Month Pitch Competition where they won first place and office space at ExCITE - an accelerator formed by the City and County of Riverside, and the University of California Riverside

After a successful Beta test, Blue is now set to launch this Fall on iOS in the App Store and Android in the Google Play Store. Blue will be free to download.

“Our goal with Blue is to maximize social opportunity,” he said. “Every day we cross paths with people and you’d never know who they were or what meeting them could lead to. Serendipitous connections have always led to something greater than what was expected.”

Meet the Team

Building a World of Friends

Jose Montero
CEO / President
Jose Montero Sr.
Chief Operating Officer & CFO
Erich Ocean
Chief Technology Officer
Lauren Ocean
Project Development Manager
Mario Contreras
Lead Designer
Christen Montero
Chief Marketing Officer